It’s an Alternate Reality or Reality Altered (House of X / Powers of X)

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First, let me start by saying I am not even reading the book. So you’re first thought might be, “What right do you have to even talk about it then?”

Well, as someone who has been collecting Uncanny X-Men since Uncanny X-Men #121, who stopped just before Uncanny X-Men #600… then brought back in the fold when it rebooted with Cullen Bunn at the helm for writing, trying to endure through Astonishing X-Men, then making it through X-Men Blue & Gold and then X-Men Red for their brief run, the train wreck that was All New X-Men; and I am sure that’s all out of order, but that’s part of the problem. I can’t remember when any of this comes in what order because there seems to be no regard for continuity. After the latest run of Uncanny X-Men, which I powered through (it saw a character – sometimes more than one – die in every single issue, it feels like). I already knew by the fifth issue this would all be undone somehow; whether it all turned out to be a dream or some altered, twisted reality made by Legion.

So when that run of Uncanny X-Men came to an end (thankfully) and I saw the solicits for Hickman’s Power of X and House of X and spotted several dead X-Men (either killed in this run of Uncanny X-Men or previously killed), I was not the least bit surprised (admittedly, somewhat thankful also, since some of the deaths in that last run of Uncanny X-Men seemed utterly pointless; but I wonder if they knew that it would all be undone by Hickman anyway; so they were just killing mutants because they could, treating Uncanny X-Men as a What If…? knowing nothing they did was going to stick anyway. Now this run of Uncanny X-Men wasn’t all bad; like everything else it had it’s good moments; I think it was the best Cyclops I’ve seen written in a very, very long time. But I knew this would be the end for me and my desire to collect X-Men comics. The constant reboots, the constant renumbering, the constant relaunching, had finally worn me down. Some might say I am getting old, out growing comics, whatever; and to that I laugh, because I still read the old issues of Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, New Mutants, New Warriors, Thor, Captain America, and the list goes on and on.

So, a wonderful soul who runs the Daily X-Men Facts Twitter account (and you should go follow them; seriously!) had posted something about the House of X or Powers of X and I replied something (in jest … at the time), something like, “I can’t wait for this to be rebooted, and revealed that this was all some altered state of reality from Proteus!”

Now, I admit, at first, I was kidding. But then, despite no longer collecting X-Men, I am still interested to see what’s going on in the pages of X-Men; because who knows, something might drag me back to collect them again, if it sounds interesting. Not giving a damn about spoilers obviously, I started reading reviews and synopsis stuff about what’s happened so far in Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X books. If you’re reading it; you may wish to stop here as I may unintentionally mention some kind of spoiler (since I am not reading it, I don’t know when the stuff I might mention happens/happened), and despite my dislike of modern comics, I do not want to spoil someone else’s enjoyment.

That said, potentially spoiler warning said; let’s take a look at what I’ve read about so far.

First, we have the X-Men back on Krakoa. Now, I realize that there’s been a million different X-Men titles, and I’ve never been able to keep track of them all, especially post the year 2000 (the last 19 years, there’s been so many various X-Books and reboots)… but as far as I knew, the stuff from Giant Size X-Men still stood; that Krakoa was blasted into space. I know that a “son of Krakoa” appeared and there was a student (might be the same person?) who was a part of Krakoa or something… but Krakoa itself was still… spaced… So, apparently, in this House of X / Powers of X … the new base is located on Krakoa? I am assuming… which might be wrong… but it’s on Earth? Not floating space somewhere? Because from the research I’ve done, including checking the X-Men fandom page, their last update shows that it had been captured by The Stranger and freed by Quasar. But that doesn’t mean it somehow hurled itself back to Earth and landed peacefully back in the ocean somewhere? So I am not entirely sure how they’re even on Krakoa, other than potentially a disregard of continuity? (Which, Marvel would never do that right?) So that right there is kind of a “mystery” we will call it…

Then you have what’s “believed” to be Professor Xavier just walking around, with a really dumb “mask” which is apparently Cerebro on his head, raising X-Men (who are nude) out of “pods” on Krakoa. Now when have you ever seen it as a good thing that people are “reborn” in pods?

Then there’s all these X-Men related characters that we know died (either in the previous run of Uncanny X-Men or even before that), who are suddenly popping up, alive and well. No one else questions this? No one thinks this is weird? Everyone’s just accepting this?

To further made things strange, we have some of the X-Men appearing in their old costumes. For example, Jean Grey, who went from being Marvel Girl, to Jean Grey, to Phoenix, to being Dark Phoenix, to being Jean Grey, to being Phoenix, to being – I don’t know – I can’t keep track. Well, apparently she’s back to Marvel Girl and even sporting that original Marvel Girl costume.

So I started thinking about these unusual pieces of information… the X-Men on Krakoa (when it should be in space), X-Men reborn in pods, dead X-Men coming back as if nothing happened, X-Men in their old costumes… all of this does actually sounds like it’s an altered state of reality… I started wondering if my Proteus theory might be right… and that three years down the line this is all some mind #$%^ from Proteus… because we did see Proteus make a “come back” from the dead in Astonishing X-Men not too long ago… or imagine, if Proteus possessed Legion…

Just putting that out there. #Proteus #Legion #LegionProteus #ProteusLegion #AlteredStatesOfX

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