Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #34 – Surviving San Diego Comic Con 2019

Another San Diego Comic Con in the bucket! My best friend, who I’ve known since the beginning of time, Charles Stevens and I hit San Diego Comic Con last month and had a really good time. Typically, we’re (maybe more me) am not able to stand the crowds more than two hours at the most; but this year we were there four or five hours, which says something about how they did things this year. Somehow the people volume seemed more manageable. I will say the one thing they do need to fix is places to eat. You have your establishments inside the Convention Center (the “cafes” that charge you an arm and a leg for a hot dog), but the problem is there’s nowhere to sit and eat your food. The tables in front of the cafe are typically packed with a mixture of people eating and people simply giving their feet a rest. And they have a policy with Convention Police patrolling, that you can’t stop and lean (or sit against) the walls. So it makes eating quite difficult at times. If they could figure something out for that (say like food trucks behind the convention center area) that people could go get food and have a place to sit, it’d be pretty epic. (WonderCon has started doing this and it makes a world of difference!) But all of that said, not once (I don’t think!) do I talk about the food situation in the podcast. I saved that for this!

I’ve been wanting to do this podcast since the day after it was done; but work kept me busy with plenty of overtime and flying out of town, that life got away from me! So I will stop rambling and let you give it a listen! You can always download it here or stream it below or give it about an hour and it will be available on iTunes! If you have an iTunes account I’d love if you swung by there and dropped a comment and a rating for the show!

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