Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #29 – To Infinity And Beyond!

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In this episode, the dynamic duo of Tawmis Logue & Maico Moreno discuss and geek over Avengers: Infinity War. BE WARNED! If you have NOT seen the movie – this episode is so full of spoilers, that the two felt like spoiled children! Do not listen to this episode if you have not watched Avengers: Infinity War. Or if you have not seen it, and you’re here because you want to listen to our beautiful, sultry voices as we geek out about fictional characters, that have been building up in the cinematic universe for ten years – well, then go on, listen to this episode! We not only discuss the movie, but some of the moments in the comics – as well as some of the characters themselves, and their references to various comics.

If you love us so much, that you want to put it on your favorite audio player on repeat, you can download the MP3 also.

As a side note – if you are listening and wondering what we’re talking about, when I am talking about pulling a guy out of a burning SUV… read about it here and see the video.

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