Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #17 – Deadpod: Maico With The Mouth.

Deadpod: Maico With The Mouth, Issue #17.

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Deadpod: Maico With The Mouth, Issue #17.Issue #17 of the Comic Relief Podcast is finally out! In this issue, we focus primarily on Deadpool. You may have heard of him? He had this beautiful, Valentine’s Day themed movie that just came out? Biggest opening for an “R” rated movie – ever? About a man’s struggle against Cancer? It’s a beautiful love story! Well, he also happens to be a smart @$$, potty mouthed, unkillable, mercenary – known as Deadpool – the Merc With The Mouth! The first half of the podcast, we recorded just before the movie came out – and we focus solely on the comic books that have featured Deadpool – the second half of the podcast, Maico discusses his thoughts about the Deadpool movie (Spoiler Alert: It’s nothing but endless raving reviews of goodness – so if you haven’t seen the movie yet – you might consider doing that now!)

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