Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #31 – Putting An End To Avenging.

This is the one. This is the one to end them all. After 10 (well, now 11?) years in the making… Avengers: EndGame has arrived. The wife and I saw it opening night at 9:50pm – and were excited to talk about it – so Saturday morning, she and I sat down to record this episode. You can tell here and there, as we’re talking about it – there’s some emotion still in our voices over what we saw. Just be advised, there’s major spoilers in this episode, as we pretty much go over the whole movie. You can stream it down below, or download it here (Right Click, Save As). It should also appear on iTunes within a day or so, typically. I don’t want to say much more… other than, if you’ve enjoyed the MCU – go see this movie. It’s everything you want it to be and more. Because the wife and I were excited to discuss it, we knocked out this episode – I may do one later with Maico if he’s interested in talking about it. By then, I am sure I will have seen it again. Because I am ready to see it quite a few more times.

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