Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #33 – The Stark Phoenix

The wife and I got back from seeing X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Sunday, and I spent the last few days cleaning up the episode.

Finally done with the episode; really pleased with how the episode came out… as for how pleased I was with the movie, you’re going to have to listen to the podcast! Rumor has it, if you disagree with Amiee and I, there’s some trick in the podcast, where it will magically change our opinion to match yours – but to unlock it, you have to share it to 100 people, who have to then also listen to it! Really, I heard this is a thing. And there’s only one way to see if it’s true – and that is, of course, to share it with 100 people. Go on. Do it. I will wait right here.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Adam Johnson, who granted us permission to use his freaking epic Heavy Metal version of the classic X-Men cartoon theme song! You can check out Adam Johnson on Youtube, Bandcamp, iTunes, Google+, Facebook and finally on Twitter!

As always – you can download the episode if you’d like to cherish the sweet sound of my voice (and well, I guess my wife’s voice too!) The episode typically appears on iTunes within 24 hours (usually within a few hours, to be honest). If you are one of our iTunes listeners – can I ask a favor of you? Please look us up, Rate Us, leave a comment – and let us know how we’re doing! And as always, you can just stream it from our site, down below.

Much love,
– Tawmis

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