Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #14 – Free Comic Book Day 2015.

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Once again, we spent Free Comic Book Day at our home away from home – Southern California Comics. Jamie and his crew ran an excellent event – kept everything flowing. Kept everyone motivated. There was a food truck (BBQ), Shaved Ice, a Bat Mobile – plus more toys, comics, artists and collectables than you could possibly imagine! So Kudos (and a great thanks!) to Jamie for hosting another event and having us along! While, unfortunately, we didn’t get to properly celebrate our bro-mance bro-niversary with our good friend, Chad Cavanaugh (because there were a lot more artists this year, and Jamie created an Artist Alley type row!) – he’s the writer, creator, inker, everything-er of The Map Comic and now the newly released “Trouble in Bedlam” comic, we did sit next to Colleen Archer, who we have mentioned a thousand times in posts and what not as our partner in crime – she was in the booth next to us, showing off her Wyng’d Lyon Creations stuff! We also had some great music from Gabriel and his band Digital Lizards of Doom.

Anyway, the event was (as I said awesome!) And now you can listen to us talk about it, talk to people, and just generally be geeky nerds.


If you have trouble streaming it, don’t have iTunes, or just want to save it because our voices sound like angels to you – you can download the episode by right clicking this link and doing a SAVE AS…

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NOTE: If you’re streaming it from the website, the “time stamp” (for reasons unknown) is always off. The below time stamp works best if you have a copy of the file.

00:00:00 – Lindsay does her seductive intro
00:01:25 – The Fate of Tawmis’ iPhone (Thanks Batmobile!)
00:02:00 – Maico brings some items to raffle
00:02:25 – We need YOUR input. How DO YOU pronounce Storm’s last name?
00:05:30 – Tawmis & Maico make artists announcements on the PA
00:06:30 – Maico sits down with Jamie of Southern California Comics
00:15:15 – Gabriel of Digital Lizards of Doom talks with Maico.
00:29:15 – Exhibit A (sorry don’t know how to spell your name) talks about their comic “Supernatural Law”
00:35:00 – The second half of the Exhibit A team, this time talking about “Comic Book People” – a massive collection of photos of comic book legends!
00:44:00 – Tawmis & Maico talk about The Flash, Arrow, Agents of Shield, Gotham, and all the other comic book shows currently on the air.
01:15:30 – We do the Neal Adams raffle!
01:15:50 – Tawmis & Maico from the FCBD Video inside SoCalComics talking about Free Comic Book Day!
01:19:00 – Maico & Tawmis talking to Jamie of SoCalComics from the FCBD Video!
01:24:06 – Tawmis interviews Lindsay Archer and discusses how they met, her art, and her project called Otherworld. (Please click the link and check it out!)

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