Comic Relief Podcast #5 – Taking Off Our Tops.

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Well, at long last. It’s just what you wanted to see. Maico and Tawmis taking off their tops.

Well, no. Not their shirts. Sorry to disappoint you ladies. (And I see a few men out there with some broken hearts!)

No, this issue deals with specific top lists, pull lists, and an interview! (We only take our tops off for interviews!)

Issue #5: Taking Off Our Tops –


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In the event you want to just get to the info about the podcast…

00:00 – Intro By Sal
00:07 – Musical Entrance
00:33 – Maico Gives General Description For This Issue
01:00 – Such A Nice, Young, Man
01:10 – Isn’t This X-Men, Amazing?
01:25 – No One Stays Dead, Forever.
01:50 – Knock, Knock, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
02:30 – Okay, Fine, We’re Talking About Nightcrawler
03:10 – Tawmis’ Rule – Do Spoilers After Talking About The Comic
04:15 – Why Can No One Ever Draw Nightcrawler Correctly?
04:50 – Is She As Crazy About Me As Much As She Is Crazy In General?
06:07 – Who Hires Harley Quinn As A Psychiatrist?
06:30 – Harley Quinn’s Disguise
07:15 – We’re Going To Have To Agree To Disagree
07:45 – Every Issue Shows Harley Quinn’s Beaver
09:15 – Where’s My Harley Quinn?
09:40 – The Joke’s On You
10:35 – The New New Warriors!
11:15 – Comic Relief Podcast No Prize If You Know How To Pronounce His Name!
11:35 – Did Maico Just Say He Liked New Warriors?
12:30 – I Think Tawmis Loves This Version Of The New Warriors
14:00 – One Of The Many Reasons Tawmis Loves The New Warriors
14:40 – I Think Tawmis Cried A Little When Maico Asked This
15:40 – Christopher Yost Takes Over Amazing X-Men (With Firestar!)
16:40 – Keep An Eye On The New Warriors Podcast – Called The Crashpod
17:15 – Where You Will See The Crashpod Appearing
18:40 – Isn’t She A Wonderful Woman?
20:10 – The Guy With Multiple Personality Disorder
22:22 – I Exposed Myself To Moon Knight (Not By Mooning Him)
22:45 – He’s A One Man Team
23:00 – Delving Deeper Into Wolverine (Before They Made Him A Pansy!)
24:25 – Proving That Wolverine Isn’t Metal
24:35 – Questing For Elves
25:00 – How Long Does It Take Maico To Read ElfQuest?
24:34 – A Hollow Death In ElfQuest #2
26:05 – It’s A Set Up!
26:45 – BLAM! In The Back!
26:55 – Punishing Hollywood
28:39 – All Out War
29:30 – He’s A Bad Mo-Fo
30:33 – Tawmis Has An Optimistic View Of Humans
30:50 – And Maico Agrees
31:30 – All You’re Doing Is Helping The (Censor)
32:38 – Prepare To Be Startled
32:55 – Interview With Sal Brucculeri
33:24 – Sal Brucculeri’s Background Into Comics
35:00 – What Influenced Sal Brucculeri’s writing
36:00 – Sal Brucculeri’s Webcomic
38:13 – Noir Feelings
38:34 – More Zombies!
39:30 – You’re In Her Brain
40:15 – Bullet #7
42:00 – It Comes Out Every Tuesday. Who Would Have Guessed?
42:45 – Soul Men, Not Sole Men. Because Sole Is Singular. Men Is Plural.
43:00 – Basically Sal Brucculeri Owes His Younger Sister
44:30 – Comic Horror or Comical Horror?
46:00 – Starmage And Soul Men Partner Up
48:25 – Ninja Baseball Man
48:55 – And What The Heck is Ninja Baseball Man?
51:10 – Can You Separate The Bat And The Man?
52:52 – Hard And Flesh In The Same Question?
55:29 – Kickstarter For Ninja Baseball Man
57:49 – Sal Brucculeri Is All Over Twitter
58:40 – Hey! Who You Calling A Little Guy?
58:48 – Awww, We Were Sal Brucculeri’s First!
59:03 – Outro Music

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