Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #8 – The “X” Games.

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Now when we say the “X” games, we’re not talking about the sporting event. Listen to the podcast – and you will quickly figure out why this episode is called “The X Games.”

Maico also interviewed Mark and Alex of Wayward Raven. They have a Kickstarter that is down to the wire – and nearly funded! They have less than a week – and need just a few hundred bucks! Their stories are amazing, the art is top notch – this folks, is something you should check out! (And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter).

So with all that said, you can now listen to the episode here:


Or right click and download the file!

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There is a ton of outtakes from this episode – however, because the folks of Wayward Raven have a time sensitive Kickstarter, I wanted to get this out. This is why this is merely part one of the gaming discussion. We cut it in half to include the interview with the Wayward Raven folks. So keep an eye out for part 2 of this podcast, that covers the other games.

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