ISSUES [Podcast]


Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #38 – Collecting Bounty. Tawmis, Amiee and Maico dive into the last two episodes of Season 2 of The Mandalorian and offer some thoughts, theories, and ideas of what may come in the future!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #37 – Are You ‘Fett’ Up? The Dynamic Trio discusses some recently released Star Wars news before diving into the last two episodes of The Mandalorian that came out!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #36 – The Randolorian! Maico Moreno, Tawmis Logue, and Amiee Logue come together to deliver a new episode! And before you think that’s a typo and it’s supposed to be Mandolorian – don’t worry faithful listener, I know what I am doing… usually! It’s titled The Randolorian because while we were originally going to begin discussing the first four episodes of Season 2 of the Mandolorian – we ended up discussing The Mandolorian, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Clone Wars, Original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars Prequels (to some regard), Star Wars Sequels and even talk about how selling and working with LucasArts and Disney works. So there’s just a little bit of everything.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #35 – The Maicolorian: Podcasting Is Complicated Business. Maico Moreno returns to The Comic Relief Podcast – as we discuss The Mandalorian on Disney+. Maico also opens up as to why he’d been absent and his health that kept him from being a part of the podcast for all the episodes over the last two years.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #34 – Surviving San Diego Comic Con 2019. I am flying solo on this episode of the podcast (my apologies that you’re stuck just listening to my voice!) But at least listen to the first few minutes of it, because I speak with Ming Chen from AMC’s Comic Book Men and that alone is worth it. The rest of the podcast is just me and can be ignored as needed!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #33 – The Stark Phoenix. Amiee Logue & Tawmis Logue dive into the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie! We recap the movie, and talk about the various parts – good and bad – as we recap the movie! Had a lot of fun doing this episode with the wife (since she’s been with me for 20+ years now, and has still loved me despite my massive comic book collection – and she even read The Dark Phoenix saga, way back in the day, among other comics!)

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #32 – Free Comic Book Day 2019! Another episode! This time we’re at Free Comic Book Day at Southern California Comics again! Once again, I have Ryan (who has been on our podcast previously – from the previous years we podcasted at Southern California Comics for Free Comic Book Day before!), I also have CJ (better known as CartoonJunkie on DeviantArt), and CJ’s friend, Larry! We cover so much – from Captain Marvel, To Avengers: Endgame, Shazam gets a ton of love; we talk Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Doom Patrol, Legends of Tomorrow, Into the Spider-Verse, and so much more! As always, I want to thank Jamie of SoCalComics for allowing us to set up and be a part of the event!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #31 – Putting An End To Avenging. This is it, folks. This one packs all the right punches – it makes you laugh, cry, cheer, worry, laugh again, cry again, cheer again; and by the time you walk out of the movie, you will feel like you have been on the greatest roller-coaster of your life. And we’re here to talk about it.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #30 – A Mar Vellous Return! You doubted me, didn’t you? When I said the podcast wasn’t dead, even though it’s been a year? Don’t lie! I see the doubt in your eyes! Well here we are with a new episode! My normal partner in crime, the Mighty Maico Moreno is on vacation this week – so I grabbed my wife to fill in the co-star position of the podcast!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #29 – To Infinity And Beyond! Despite the title, this is not a Toy Story episode of our podcast! No, this is all about the Avengers: Infinity War movie – and the accumulation of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe building up to this moment, where the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and more all face up against none other than Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones to complete the Infinity Gauntlet!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #28 – The Perfectly Pitched Black Panther. In this episode, Tawmis Logue & Maico Moreno dive into the movie Pitch Perfect and begun to discuss the problems often found in sequels. But then, they go into the actual topic of the podcast and actually talk about Black Panther.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #27 – Old Men Podcasting.  In this episode, Tawmis Logue & Maico Moreno go over quite a few movies, to make up for the times they’ve not podcasted! So in this episode, they cover Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming. They also continue down the list of their “Favorite X’s” – and by that, we mean X-Men!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #26 – Free Comic Book Day 2017! We’re – well, Tawmis! – is back at Southern California Comics to take part of Free Comic Book Day! With his partner in crime, Mighty Maico Moreno, traveling the world – Tawmis brings in his wife of 20 years, to sit down and co-host the podcast with him! Prepare yourself for some unusual silliness as they discuss all things Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Iron Fist, and speak with a few, special fans!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #25 – The Animated Podcasters. Hang on to your hats, true believers! This is a Comic Relief Podcast like no other! In this issue of Comic Relief Podcast, our mutant podcasters, The Mighty Maico Moreno and Uncanny Tawmis Logue, find themselves under siege at the San Diego Comic Fest 2017! We had so many great guests on this issue of our podcast – including, but not limited to, Julia & Eric of X-Men The Animated Series fame, James Hudnall (comic book writer), and so many more – including every day folks who wanted to sit down and talk comics, movies, wrestling, anime, Godzilla, and games!

 Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #24 – Something Strange Is Going On. Maico and Tawmis sit down and go through a mystical adventure of discussing the incredible Doctor Strange movie. Hear what they have to say – and also learn a little bit about the character Doctor Strange himself! Also, they continue down the list of their “X”‘s – as in X-Men, this time including Sway, Petra, Vulcan, Darwin, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, Banshee, Sunfire and Thunderbird.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #23 – In A Cage With Our Exs! Maico and Tawmis sit down to discuss – or rather, gush – over Chris Pratt – I mean, the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser. They also discuss the Logan trailer that came out. Then go into a discussion about Netflix’s latest superhero show, LUKE CAGE, and about how great that was! Then they begin their “List Of Exs” – no, not actual dating “exes” – but rather, the list of X-Men, who have joined, “chronologically” (as much as possible considering how much continuity gets tossed out the window), and begin ranking them by their looks, their powers, and their overall impression! This episode has the first part of – what we suspect – will be about five parts!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #22 – Suicide Flawed. Welcome to Issue #22 of the Comic Relief Podcast where this time we focus on the much debated Suicide Squad movie. We brought on our good friend, and special guest, Colleen Rodriguez to weigh in her thoughts and opinions. Oddly enough, it seems in so many regards, the three of us didn’t agree on a lot of aspects; where one or two of us might have liked something, the other didn’t; or where two of us thought the movie was okay, the other that it was pretty good (save for a few things). Despite frequently disagreeing with one another throughout the podcast, we managed to stay pretty civil (see folks, you can disagree and still be civil!)

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #21 – Age Of A-Podcast Tawmis Logue & Maico Moreno sit down to talk about X-Men: Apocalypse after seeing the movie. If you read Tawmis’ Spoiler Free Review and/or Maico’s Spoiler Free Review you might think you know how this podcast is going to go down? Well, you’d be surprised! Because, now with the idea of being able to discuss Spoilers – Tawmis & Maico tear deep into the very DNA structure of the movie – and uncover everything from the good, the bad, and the ugly – they question specific things (namely, what the writers were thinking most of the time!) and both come to the same conclusion about the movie by the end of the podcast! What is that conclusion? Why not check out the podcast and find out! (And don’t forget to tell everyone you know about it!)

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #20 – Free Comic Book Day 2016. This was, without a doubt, the best Free Comic Book Event we have attended in the three years we’ve been celebrating it with SoCalComics. This year, we were giving away POP FUNKO PINS for anyone who came and sat with us and talked for at least a minute or two! We got some incredibly wonderful children (and adults) to come onto the show and share their thoughts about their favorite heroes, villains, costumes, and even about Star Wars. Check out this episode for the awesomeness within!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #19 – The Podcast of Hell’s Kitchen. We take some time to discuss Daredevil Season 2 – and one of the aspects of Season 2 that we could not see eye to eye on (sorry about the eye reference, Daredevil!) We also took the time to wrestle with a greasy pig named Arvin – no, wait – that is, to talk to Arvin of Greasy Pig Studios about his Marvel Mutant Music Videos {that’s just what I call them}, that have featured Dazzler, Lila Chenney, and the rest of the New Mutants {including Stevie Hunter, briefly!}… And we also spoke with Dorphise Jean who successfully kickstarted her comic, Spirit’s Destiny!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #18 – Tawm vs Maico: Yawn of Justice! Tawmis & Maico sit down to discuss the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. They give a break down of all the main characters, and some of their supporting cast – as well as dropping some pretty cool trivia knowledge here and there! They share their thoughts on the entire movie – and agree on some parts, and disagree (on a few things), and have a ton of suggestions – which – if we do say so ourselves – seem like, it could have made the movie quite a bit more entertaining! Both Tawmis and Maico scored the movie – well, that would be telling! Listen and find out!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #17 – Deadpod: Maico With The Mouth. You’ve probably heard of this guy Deadpool? If not before the movie – you probably now know who he is! (And no, he’s not Spider-Man!) This potty mouthed anti-hero has the greatest opening for an “R” movie – ever! That’s right! So now you can listen to us talking about – first, the Deadpool comics – and then we come back and discuss the Deadpool movie! If you enjoy this, please share it on social media! We love any help we can get, getting the word out!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #16 – The Podcast Awakens. This was one of the greatest podcasts of the series so far! There’s a lot of fun sound effects! It’s all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and you can tell there’s a lot of love in this episode. It features Maico & Tawmis, with special guest, and fellow Star Wars fanatic, Chad Cavanaugh. We discuss the movie from start to finish; from side to side; up and down. The good, the bad (is there any? No, not really, just minor things we would have tweaked slightly!) and constant references to all of our favorite parts – which, really, seems like most of the movie. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, I beg of you to post about it on social media and let the world know! Word of mouth costs nothing but is extremely effective when a person gives it an endorsement – friends and family are inclined to give it a listen – and also help spread the love, ideally!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #15 – Welcome Back To The Podcast, Hope You Survive The Experience! So, it’s been awhile since we’ve released a new issue of the Comic Relief Podcast -… well, podcast! Last time, as a matter of fact, was March, 2015. That’s right, we’re talking just about 7 months ago. (I can’t even believe it’s been that long!) Well, as it would turn out, we actually attempted to do something a little different in April of 2015 – and do a Video Podcast. However, the kids were there, the television was on in the background – and no amount of editing was going to make this do-able… Well, until I realized how long it had been since we released and episode and decided to make use of what we had!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #14 – Free Comic Book Day 2015! It’s just like Free Comic Book Day 2014, but one year in the future! It’s 2015! This year, we got to hang out – once again, at Southern California Comics, we got to sit down and talk to a lot of great people; writers, artists, fans – we even had a contest! Colleen, of Wyng’d Lyon Creations had a booth next to us. Chad of Grunt 1B Comics was there, but this year – we were all so busy we didn’t get to sit down and do an interview with him (which is a shame, since this was our Bro-naversary of meeting!) Anyway, check out the Podcast for a lot of great fun!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #13 – Long Beach Comic Explo 2015. Maico, Tawmis and Colleen (of Wyng’d Lyon Creations) gather on Skype to discuss post Long Beach Comic Con, where Colleen was vending and Tawmis and Maico were helping out! Listen to their thoughts about Long Beach Comic Expo – the things they saw, picked up and enjoyed!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #12 – Neal Before Adams. We sat down with legendary comic book writer and artist, Neal Adams while he was at Southern California Comics and had a very long, casual, sit down discussion about the current state of comics, comic book movies, comic book shows; what Neal Adams has done and his plans for the future!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #11 – The Bad, The Worse, And The Really Bad. – Tawmis and Maic begin discussing who would make their top five worse villains, heroes, teams, costumes! And there’s plenty of laughter and disagreeing! Maico calls out several characters that Tawmis actually thinks are pretty cool! Give a listen to this hour long podcast and get some popcorn and be entertained! And don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, pets, on forums, on twitter, on Facebook! Help get the word out!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #10 – The Problem With Fans. – This episode covers all of the various titles we are currently collecting – everything from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW Comics, Darkhorse Comics, and everything in between! This episode also features – not one, but two! – interviews! The first interview is with our friend, Joie Brown, who launched her own comic, and also got work with Thrillbent Comics to work on a project! And the second interview is with an Italian comic based company called, DieGo Comics – and some projects and comics they have in the pipeline! This is our longest episode yet, weighing in just under 1.5 hours! So set aside some time for this one.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #9 – Long Beach Comic Expo. – This episode covers Long Beach Comic Expo (sorry about the delay; between a very nice vacation to Alaska for a week and then falling sick, then the general complications of life – this episode did not come out as quickly as I had hoped). Due to an illness, I was not able to attend the Long Beach Comic Expo. Thankfully, Colleen, whose booth we were going to camp at, stepped up from “special guest” to “co-host” with Maico and did a great job! Maico also interviews Joy, of Black Jack Comics during this episode!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #8 – The X Games. – This episode, we begin discussing various comic book related video games. This is merely part one of this segment, as we also took the time to interview the folks of Wayward Raven Media – and talk about their comics and their current kickstarter to help fund one of their projects! Give a listen! Check it out! Tell everyone you know about this!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #7 – Free Comic Book Day! – On May 3rd, 2014 – Jamie, of Southern California Comics sponsored a massive event for Free Comic Book Day! He invited us to be a part of it, when we bumped into him at WonderCon, and I am glad he did. We had an excellent time, and managed to piece together a pretty good podcast! There was some technical issues during the day (laptop overheated due to exposure to the sun – so we had to redo the entire interview with Chad Cavanaugh, who was a great sport, and the BEST person to be sitting next to us! Had the same crazy sense of humor as Maico and Tawmis!) Then for some weird reason, the thing stopped recording during Paul Horn’s interview (so it randomly got cut short, sorry about that Paul!) Despite all of that – there was massive amounts of people, and a great time had by all!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #6 – WonderCon Report! – After all day at WonderCon Saturday, Tawmis, Maico, Alicia, and Amiee drove back down to San Diego. From there, Maico and Tawmis set up the recording equipment in the studio office – and recording this special little segment to talk about their experience at WonderCon. They talk about some of the things they saw there, people that they ran into, even met Rob Liefeld and Whilce Portacio (both of Marvel and Image Comics fame), got some prints, autographs, shirts – you name it! So give a listen – the podcast is just under 20 minutes long!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #5 – Taking Off Our Tops. – Maico and Tawmis discuss some comics that they’re currently reading and rate them. They also do an interview with Sal Brucculeri who has a comic based Kickstarter that has gone live! Give a listen! Don’t forget to download it on iTunes and give us a rating! We love you for it!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #4 – The Not So New New 52 – Maico and Tawmis discuss DC Comics’ “reboot” of their entire franchise called “The New 52” – and discuss whether it was a good or bad idea – and all the comics that launched as a part of The New 52 lines – new and old – and what they collect, what they like, what they dislike!

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #3 – Indie (Not Jones) Comics Maico and Tawmis discuss some of the Indie comics that have left a strong impression. Everything from the success of many Image comics (perhaps you have heard of The Walking Dead?), as well as other titles, such as Saga, ElfQuest, and more.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #2 – We’re Going To The Movies! Maico and Tawmis discuss various comic book movie news that’s recently been announced. There’s also a segment about BatKid and Dennis, two real comic book heroes.

Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #1 – And Now Marvel Now. Maico and Tawmis introduce themselves in this very first issue of the podcast, then begin discussing the newest releases for Marvel Now’s second wave of comics!