Real Name: Maico M. Moreno
Aliases: Maiko, Force Disciple, Lord Bloodfart, Chester Chubbynickel III
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Mild mannered help desk technician
Group Affiliation: X-Men
First Appearance: Giant Sized Baby #1 (1980)
Eyes: Dreamy Brown
Hair: Also Dreamy Brown
Powers Does nothing without getting bored.
Accessories: Cell phone, wallet and keys.

History: Maico started reading comics in the 5th grade. X-Men #2 was the fist issue he ever read, which his lovely mother bought for him from a spinning rack at the grocery store. Surely there were also Doritos and soda involved in this purchase as Maico loved him some snacks.

X-Men #2 started him on a path to comic book obsession. The popularity of Batman the Animated Series and The X-Men cartoon only added to the comic fervor. As soon as he discovered comic shops and that many of his friends were also reading comics, it was game over for his parent’s bank account.

But the comics stopped early in high school. Hair grew in places he didn’t know were supposed to have hair and suddenly funny books didn’t seem as important to him anymore. So began the dark ages. This period of seriousness lasted until his early 20’s. A long hospital stay reunited Maico with his old comic book friends, the X-Men. The fire was once again lit. Since then, Maico has been collecting comics on and off, he attends the premier of all his favorite comic book movies and watches all his favorite comic television shows with the same enthusiasm of a 5th grader only this time he has the critical eye of a jaded adult. Yay comics!