X-Men Red (or Jean Grey and the X-Men)

Well, it was no surprise that adult Jean Grey would be resurrected. Now we have Teen Jean leading X-Men Blue and Adult Jean leading X-Men Red. So… I will skip over the multitude of jokes of Adult Jean being back again (okay, just that one)…

It’s cool to see Jean leading her team. But what’s going to make her team different than X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold? Is the clue in the title? X-Men Red? Could she be forming a team to somehow find (Adult) Scott (and resurrect him too?)

Taking a look at her team… We have, Jean, who is an expert at resurrections (okay, maybe just that joke too), Nightcrawler, who has died and also come back… then we have X-23 in the Wolverine costume… and get this, the one behind her, with just one claw… that’s Gabby… so, X-23 is a clone of Wolverine, and I think Gabby is a clone of X-23 (apparently each time they clone, one claw goes away)… then behind Gabby is the Wakanda dude, Gentle… then next to him, is Namor… and finally, the bottom right who looks like a young, long haired, pony tailed, Monet, is a brand new character named Trinary, or some such.

I am going to give this book a try, despite only caring about Nightcrawler, and see what it’s about, just because it’s an X-Men book. But… I am not holding out much hope that this will resurrect my love for the X-Men franchise (okay, fine, last joke!)

  • Tawmis
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