Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #28 – The Perfectly Pitched Black Panther Movie!

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You. Yes. You. Don’t look behind you. I am talking to you. Yes. You reading this right now. You didn’t think it was going to happen did you? Don’t look confused or surprised. I can see it in your eyes.

You didn’t think we were ever going to do another podcast, did you?

Don’t worry – we thought the same thing! But we’re back! And better than before! (Okay, I am not sure if we are better than before, but everyone always says that when they’re back… so there was this… unseen peer pressure to be like everyone else for a moment there!) If the silly cover image isn’t giving it away – in this podcast we talk Black Panther – and I won’t give away spoilers on this podcast… but this is one of the few times Maico and Tawmis agreed … they both hated the movie. Well. Correction. They hated that the movie came to an end. That’s probably a more accurate statement. What else did they say? Well! Buckle up listener and give’er a listen down below!

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