Carrie Fisher Memorial Video.

(Bring A Tissue! You’re Going To Need It! Or Yell “Who Is Cutting Onions!” Before Viewing)…

Shawn Richter posted this – and Colleen, of Wyng’d Lyon Creations, was sitting with me when I decided to watch this. To prove Carrie Fisher still had an impacted – both Colleen and I had shed some tears, by the time we reached the end of this video. I remember posting the Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher post – and rambling about how, as a young kid, she had impacted me. Then, with The Force Awakens which continued the Star Wars Saga, Carrie Fisher was in the movie – and it was wonderful to see her. But life – fate – can be cruel. In a tragic turn, we would lose Carrie Fisher, and so many of us had to say farewell. But this video proves that she may be gone – but her impact and her memory – carries on in our hearts. Whoever did this memorial video did an amazing job at capturing Carrie in such wonderful moments.

This smile will forever be one of my favorites…

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