Final Day for X-Men: The Animated Series Fan Questions.

Today will be the last day for the submission of X-Men: The Animated Series fan questions. Want to get in some questions today before the weekend gets here? Don’t worry! Officially Saturday morning is going to be the last of the questions I will be submitting to get answered by Eric & Julia sometime in the near future. If you want to grab all the details, be sure to check out our previous post how you can submit questions for Eric & Julia to answer. They promise to make an effort to get everything answered; but in some cases, they may not know, or even remember the answer to your questions (so don’t be offended, after it has been 25 years since the show aired, and if you don’t hear your question asked; it probably means it got cut from the podcast because of that reason!) Both Maico and I have business travel coming up, that’s going to keep us extremely busy, so there might be a delay on when this episode will get done.

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