Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher.

carrie_fisher_10_21_60Perhaps my first “crush” I can remember, was none other than Carrie Fisher. Of course, as a young lad, I didn’t know – or even care what her real name was. I was in love with Princess Leia. It started when Luke opens the detention cell door, and Leia is laying on the bench – that was the first time I remember thinking, “Wow. She’s really cute.” But what really did it for me wasn’t even Leia in the slave outfit two movies later – but it was actually in Empire Strikes Back. In Echo Base, when she is talking to Han – she is pretty much completely covered up, except for her face – and that’s when I remember thinking she was beautiful. (Of course, I was older, and far more hormones were crashing through my body). But the pictures I have in the above, from Empire – that smile, and her eyes – are freaking knock out gorgeous. Of course, every Star Wars male’s fantasy (of the hetro variety) suddenly had their dreams fulfilled seeing Leia in a skimpy outfit, while imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt. The stunning smile and stunning eyes, went right along with the stunning body! So thank you, Carrie Fisher – who went from Princess, to Rebel Leader, to slave who broke her own chains and killed her captor by herself – thank you for being my first crush – and thank you for always, no matter the circumstance, being the strong woman I always admire. Happy Birthday, Carrie!
Much love,


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