It’s Official – Disney has acquired the 20th Century Fox Film Rights…

As we had mentioned previously, it’s official – Disney has acquired the rights to 20th Century Fox films. While this gives them access to bring X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU fold (at long last – how the Fantastic Four were not able to be a part of this entire MCU tie in, is a sad, sad thing). The amount of doors this opens up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is … amazing. I am hoping that they weave the Fantastic Four into their own movie that has ties with the Avenges related movies; but on the flip side, I hope the X-Men movies, perhaps share the same universe (make references to what’s happened in the Avengers movies), but actually remain a little bit separated from the grand scale of the Avengers movies. I would like to see the X-Men movies pretty much stand on their own, and have their own epic build ups.

I dream of Disney handing us a movie that essentially starts with the Special Edition X-Men/X-Men #94 story line – where it just opens with a scene of the original X-Men on a plane, and we see flashes of things going chaotic and insane, as the plane seems to be destined to crashing – and then blackness. Then do a thing that says, Several Days Later… and show Cyclops standing in front of Professor Xavier explaining that something powerful took the plane down; and Professor Xavier explains that they must gather other mutants to rescue the X-Men. And we see them going and traveling to Canada to get Wolverine, Russia to get Colossus, Africa to get Storm, Germany to get Nightcrawler – and if they want to grab Banshee, Sunfire and Thunderbird, all the better. (They can even do a fill in for those two – for other mutants – I’d just like to ensure that Wolverine, Colossus, Storm and Nightcrawler are at least recruited). If they grabbed everyone – would be an awesome way of showing diversity (which is a big thing right now) and pleasing comic book fans.

I wondered how the idea of the original X-Men being taken down by a living planet would go down in a movie; but with some minor story tweaking – they could essentially change it to a mutant who is able to control plants (similar to Plant-Man, but a mutant). And we can learn that the original X-Men were there to try and find and bring this powerful mutant into their fold. However, this mutant has secluded himself on this island, because in order to live, he feeds off of mutant powers… and tried to go away and die; but the hunger took over as soon as he detected the original X-Men flying in the jet overhead. So now the new X-Men must go fight this powerful mutant (maybe even just make it Mimic, for that matter!) and save the original X-Men. This allows Disney to bring in the “new” X-Men and also introduces the original X-Men, and from there – if they wanted could do two different movies (X-Men and Uncanny X-Men or whatever).

These are just dreams though…

And for those concerned about Deadpool: “It [Deadpool] clearly has been and will be Marvel branded. But we think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool,” said Iger. “As long as we let the audiences know what’s coming, we think we can manage that fine.”

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– Tawmis

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