Another Marvel Event – ResurreXion (Continued) – Part 3.

cableThis time, three more titles have been released (still following the pattern of “Solo” then “X” book). First up, Cable has been announced to get his own solo book. This is not all surprising with the mounting interest in Cable, since his announcement of being in the next Deadpool movie. While, the Marvel Movie Studios may not have the rights to Cable, they still (obviously) have the comic book rights. And they may realize that with the mounting interest in Cable, just like the successful Deadpool comic (and extremely successful movie) – if they can’t get a chunk of the movie change that Deadpool 2, with Cable in it, is going to generate, then they might as well produce a comic that may get comic book readers picking up the title.

Easy Family Tree To Read, Right?

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The good thing with Cable is, there’s potentially no limit to the character. He’s able to time travel, when needed, so there’s no stopping him from going in the future, the past, alternate realities, to generate a never ending supply of stories – and, because when he was introduced, Rob Liefeld tied him to Deadpool and Wolverine, and a story would come out, that yes, he was a part of the Summers family… The amount of ties that Cable has to the Marvel Universe is pretty endless.

Cable was also the leader (near the end) of the original New Mutants, and would go on to recreate the team under the new, more aggressive name of X-Force. He was also a part of Six Pack, Wild Pack, Clan Chosen, and the Askani. So the guy gets around, and has a lot (perhaps too many?) wild attachments scattered all over the Marvel Universe and the various time lines. So it will be interesting if they treat this as a Cable solo book, or if he will be frequently running around with one of his lesser known teams (such as Six Pack, or Wild Pack, or Domino) as frequent guest stars in the book.

580a7392011b2Now today, as I said, they announced three – the first, as mentioned above, is Cable. The next two, they had to announce at the same time – because announcing one, would have given away the other. Folks, they just announced X-Men: Gold and X-Men: Blue. Some comic book readers (the newer ones) won’t understand the significance of that. But back in the 90’s (at the height of “X-Men Popularity”), the X-Men were split into two teams. There was the Blue team and there was the Gold team. Now, I was much more of an X-Men Blue Team fan, because their roster contained the “better” X-Men to me. That roster was: Gambit, Psylocke, Wolverine, Jubilee, Cyclops, Rogue and Beast. While the Gold Team had: Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman, Colossus, Bishop and Archangel.

xbNow, that’s not to say that these new books will have any of these same characters. As a matter of fact, if one of these books don’t have every X-Writer’s Current Obsession, Emma Frost (White Queen), I would be very, very surprised. I’d even be very surprised if either the Blue or Gold team of the original even remotely resembles the team we’re about to get in these new books.

xgMarvel is doing a very good job pandering to the X-Men fans of Marvel comics – by announcing these favorites… but with the team books, I suspect they’re holding back on who is going to be in them for a very specific reason… Or, it could be, that after so long of feeling like a burned out “X-Men” fan (until Bunn got on Uncanny X-Men), that I may just be way too cynical to believe that Marvel could truly be handing us what we want again.

580a73b8064b4Regardless, it is nice seeing that Marvel is not “doing away” with mutants in favor of the Inhumans, as myself, and so many feared, due to a lack of owning movie rights…

But then again… What if these “X-Men” teams and “Generation X” teams… and “Weapon X” teams are all comprised of Inhumans?

Marvel wouldn’t do that… there’s no way they would do that… right?

Hold on, let me get the tinfoil cap I own.

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