Steve Rogers to become Captain America again!

So… Steve Rogers is Captain America. You know… Again.

So Marvel has announced that Steve Rogers will be returning to the role of Captain America. But that’s not really a surprise to anyone, right? With the next Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War coming out, it seems almost natural that Marvel would switch Steve Rogers back into the role of Captain America; in the event they pick up some new comic book readers after seeing the movie… After all, if someone picked up an issue of Captain America and saw Sam Wilson as Captain America, and they’re not familiar with what’s going on in Marvel – they’re going to be thoroughly confused. (“Hey, isn’t Sam Wilson actually Falcon in the movies? Why is he Captain America in the comics?”) Don’t worry movie goers – even if you are familiar with what’s going on in Marvel, you still might be confused as to what’s going on!

So where does that leave Sam Wilson. Does that mean he’s headed back to being Falcon and hanging up the Ol’ Red, White and Blue?

Not quite. Ensuring that Marvel doesn’t upset anyone, Sam Wilson is going to remain Captain America… also. Yes, also. So now there’s going to be a series called Steve Rogers: Captain America and a series called Sam Wilson: Captain America. So there will be, effectively, two Captain America’s running around in the Marvel Universe. Steve Rogers will have a new costume and a new shield (not even circular, according to the preview; more in line with his original looking shield… so does that mean no more cool tossing of the shield? You know, pretty much what Captain America is known for – other than the Red, White and Blue?) Sam Wilson will continue to use the standard Captain America circular shield and remain in the costume he adopted when he took on the Captain America mantle.

This is beginning to remind me of the days of the Thor Corps… where we saw various “versions” of the Thor character (Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Dargo Ktor {future Thor; which is odd, since Thor should be immortal} and Thunderstrike)… Is a “Cap’s Corps” that far off in the future featuring Steve Rogers Captain America, Sam Wilson Captain America, Bucky Barnes Captain America and USAgent? Time will tell.


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