X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends is a dream come true for me – at least the first two issues. Written by Fabian Nicieza – with art by Brett Booth and inks by Adelso Corona – the first two issues focus on none other than Adam-X.

X-Men Legends is essentially X-Stories that were planned, but never got told for whatever reason. And Fabian had set up this story of “Summers Brothers” (that everyone locked on as a “Third Summers Brother”). Well, Fabian left the books before he got to finish telling the story – and Adam-X, whom I really enjoyed – sat in a virtual limbo for years – before seeing the light again during the Dark Avengers (where he was used, but his dialogue was very much a parody of the 90s for which many call him the embodiment of – but that’s because he never got developed due to Fabian’s departure). He began appearing again during the Hickman era of the X-Books recently (don’t get me started… at least in Dark Avengers, I was thankful to see him – so far during the “Hickman Era” – his cameos in X-Factor are not my thing…) But… that said… going back to X-Men Legends…

Fabian finally gets to tell Adam’s story – and it’s all in continuity. Officially.

And the first issue is absolutely incredible.

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