New DEFENDERS teased.

So Marvel is teasing a new Defenders title – what makes this interesting for me is who we see on those cards… Cloud, Hulk, Moon Dragon, Valkyrie, Beast, Hellstrom, Namor, Silver Surfer … and I am not sure who the red vulture person is. Red Raven?

I collected the original Defenders title when it was released – and enjoyed it for the most part, back in the day – but it really picked up for me with Defenders #124 and going forward – this is when Iceman, Beast and Angel join the team – and I feel like this was some of the best development this trio got (which is ironic, since it’s not in an X-Book) – but the team also had Gargoyle and Valkyrie in it – eventually Moon Dragon, and eventually Cloud. It was a very different book. It went away from the “not team team book” that the original Defenders had, but more of a “team book that’s a team but a very casual team” book. The book introduced some unique villains – and even introduced a character I enjoyed name Manslaughter. (I like characters that have different powers – his was a form of limited telepathy). I am admittedly curious about this book…

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