Odin – 03/22/2004 to 04/09/2021.

If you know a little too much about me, you’ve probably heard me talk about my dog Odin. We adopted Odin 17 years ago – his birthday was just a few weeks ago. At 17 years of age, for a Husky, he’s had a very, very long life – and one that was extremely pampered (he’s been to more hotels than I can count on my hands and toes… and that is not an exaggeration). Amiee and I had to make the toughest call we’ve ever had to make – his health was declining, and he was struggling – so we paid to have someone come to our house, in the backyard, and with amazing tenderness and caring, eased Odin to his Forever Sleep.

At 3pm, Odin drifted to sleep for the final time, with Amiee and I at his side. He blessed us for 17 years; and he will always be here in our hearts. Fly with the Valkyries Odin – and find Abby, Emma, and all of those who now walk with you. We will always love you.
– Tawmis & Amiee

This is not the end. This only “Until we meet again.”
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