Wolverine: He’s The Best At What He Does…

… and currently, that means coming back from the dead. Sorry, Wolverine… you have some serious competition for resurrection counts. Jean Grey still holds that title. Probably higher count in Jean Grey alone than all the Marvel Universe characters combined… But that’s another blog. This is all about Logan coming back from the dead, after being deceased for a few years.

Charles Soule who wrote the Death of Wolverine mini, in which Wolverine’s healing factor has failed him, and in the end, is encased in admantium… somehow comes back from that. And that’s part of the mystery. Well, Charles Soule will be writing Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends which is apparently going to lead into… wait for it… a new Wolverine on going series. Now, since Charles Soule wrote the death of Wolverine, and he’s writing this mini that leads into the new Wolverine series, I think it’s a fairly safe assumption that Charles Soule will probably also be the writer of the new Wolverine series; as I am sure Marvel had his death and resurrection all planned, from the moment Wolverine’s death was pitched.

Unfortunately, for me, Wolverine is one of those characters that has become over saturated. The irony – not because of Wolverine himself. Back in February of this year, I had shared my thoughts on this whole Hunt for Wolverine gimmick. And in that post, I talked about how I was tired of all the Wolverine knock offs…

We’ve currently got…

  • 616 Logan is now back.
  • Daken “Wolverine’s Son” -sigh-
  • X-23 (who I’ve come to tolerate)
  • Gabrielle (the uh clone of X-23… really people?)
  • Jimmy Hudson (coming from the Ultimates universe)
  • And then there’s Old Man Logan… a future… version of Wolverine….?

All of these characters running around the Marvel Universe… all at the same time… all directly tied to Wolverine in some fashion… is, literally, overkill.

So I’d like to say I am excited about our regular Wolverine’s return, but I am so burnt out on seeing anything related to Wolverine… And that makes me sad.

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– Tawmis

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