Fantastic Four Return To Marvel In August.

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Marvel just announced that The Fantastic Four will be returning to Marvel’s publishing schedule. With the writing duties falling on Dan Slott who has historically done Spider-Man books quite a bit, and artist Sara Pichelli (who, I am not familiar with by name), but by the looks of it, has also done quite a bit of Spider-Man related books. Our latest podcast had a Fantastic Four theme to it, because it focused on Black Panther who made his debut in Fantastic Four. The additionally irony to this is, new books have not really been doing much for me, so I dug up my Fantastic Four collection recently, which is chalk full of holes in the collection and have been reading them and posting about them. This new book has a good writer, and by the looks of it, a solid artist on it – so I am willing to pick this up and see how this goes.

– Tawmis

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