Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #23 – In A Cage With Our Exs!

issue23At long last! What you have been waiting for! (Insert whatever it is you have been waiting for). Now that you’ve waited for that (whatever that may be!), we’d like to announce the newest issue of The Comic Relief Podcast, where your two favorite (and rather handsome!) comic book nerds discuss the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser, as well as the Logan trailer, and get into a discussion about Netflix’s next big superhero hit, Luke Cage – and – and (just when you thought that was all we could talk about, right? Wait! There’s more! If you continue to listen you will also get – Tawmis and Maico discussing the “original” X-Men as they begin a multi-part series, where they rate and discuss the laundry list of mutants who have managed to join the team “X-Men” throughout the extensive, long, years! Trust me, there’s more mutants in that team than you can shake a stick at! (Chances are that stick you’re waving around is potentially a mutant, too!)

So, sit down, pull up a seat, and get ready to listen to the soothing, beautiful voices of your favorite comic book podcasting hosts – Maico Moreno and Tawmis Logue…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If for whatever reason, you can’t stream it above, or you just want to save the MP3 file, to put on Repeat on your iPod as you drift to sleep listening to us, you can also download the episode here.

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Wonder Woman trailer drops!

The Wonder Woman trailer just dropped – and not only does this look like a good movie, it also looks like they’re finally going away from the extremely dark tones (and even filming method) of DC movies – which is a good thing – because this trailer is full of wonderful colors – not just black, white, and shades of grey!

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Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2016.

logoFirst, can someone tell me why they changed the name to “Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con” from “Stan Lee’s Comikaze” – is it because they wanted to make it sounds like a bigger thing? Comikaze was too playful of a name? Needed something to go up against the “San Diego Comic Con.”

I should have known something – or, everything – was going to go wrong. Somehow this convention flew under my radar (I’d gone all the previous years, since it’s creation) – and I normally got a notification, since I go as a Professional. But this year, I either got no notification, or it slipped into my “Spam” folder somehow.

So, when I learned of it – you know, the week of the actual event – I called my good friend, Chuck, who I’ve known forever – and asked if he and his son wanted to go (since it’s usually the Three Amigos who go) – but his son had to work. So it was just going to be me and Chuck this year. So I scrambled to buy two tickets online, my amazing wife landed us a hotel room – and we were set.

The drive from San Diego to Los Angeles wasn’t so bad… however, once we got into downtown Los Angeles, it was a nightmare. More so than normal. There was an insane amount of construction going on around the hotel we were staying at (The Westin). It literally took an extra 30 minutes to get to our hotel because of all the detours. But all right – we made it! Go and check in, and head up to our room – which smelt like a hundred smokers had gathered there to pound down as many cigarettes as they could before we got there. So back down we go – explain the situation, they apologize, score us a new room, give us some free breakfast vouchers, and we’re good to go!

Not wanting to brave the madness of all the construction – we called an Uber – who also happened to be unaware of all the construction around out hotel – so it took him awhile to get to us. He had another passenger in the car, that we ended up dropping off first (this after going through a number of detours, alleys, and avoiding movie shootings where roads were closed) before finally making it to the convention center.

Now the con opened at 10am, and we were just getting there at noon, because of all these delays. So you’d think we’d just hand in our paper tickets and get our badge right? Because it’s been open for two hours – there’d surly be no line! Or at least it’d be a small line, at the most. Maybe – maybe – a 10 or 15 minute wait? No. Let’s try this – a line that snaked around several times, that resulted in a 1.5 hour wait. That’s right. The Con has been open for 2 hours – and there’s still a 1.5 hour snaking line.

We finally did get inside. And there were people everywhere. And there was still a massive line behind us that wasn’t yet inside. Now, I admit – I am an Introvert – I don’t enjoy massive crowds and being packed like sardines. And I’ve been – as I said, to all the other “Comikaze” cons – and the amount of people this time seemed like it had tripled. I felt like I couldn’t get into a booth to look at anything, without fighting my way through people. Even the small press rows and artists were packed. Probably good for them, except stopping to see what a booth was about was virtually impossible. It’s like people were packed in there, just… wandering lost… not always looking, but shambling around like packed zombies! Even the “foyer” area where the Cosplayers usually hang out to have their photos taken seemed unusually packed…

image1I did manage to see Joie Foster and say hello! She’s one of the coolest cats (or Unicorns, if you ask her) you could know. The artist alley thing was so packed, it was a very quick hello and hug. Unfortunately, Chuck and I were so caught in the storm of people, that we didn’t get to see her on her panel that she was a part of. But trust me, follow her on DeviantArt, tumblr, Twitter, her website, Instagram, and don’t forget to check out her web comic, Clucked which she does with her husband Joel Foster, and check out her comic, Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi.

This was the first con, that I actually walked away – with nothing. Not even much in terms of pictures, which I usually take a lot of.

I remember when Stan Lee had first said, he wanted Comikaze to be about comics… But I think he’s come to realize that comics have bled into the TV and Movies media… and now with his convention being in Los Angeles, he wants it to be the biggest comic convention, with everything and anything that has to do with comics – not just comic books – but every media that touches it… and for me – I am not sure that bodes well. But for the Convention? And for Los Angeles, they will probably love it.

The Introvert Podcaster,

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Another Marvel Event – ResurreXion (Continued) – Part 3.

cableThis time, three more titles have been released (still following the pattern of “Solo” then “X” book). First up, Cable has been announced to get his own solo book. This is not all surprising with the mounting interest in Cable, since his announcement of being in the next Deadpool movie. While, the Marvel Movie Studios may not have the rights to Cable, they still (obviously) have the comic book rights. And they may realize that with the mounting interest in Cable, just like the successful Deadpool comic (and extremely successful movie) – if they can’t get a chunk of the movie change that Deadpool 2, with Cable in it, is going to generate, then they might as well produce a comic that may get comic book readers picking up the title.

Easy Family Tree To Read, Right?

This is from – Go Check out their site!

The good thing with Cable is, there’s potentially no limit to the character. He’s able to time travel, when needed, so there’s no stopping him from going in the future, the past, alternate realities, to generate a never ending supply of stories – and, because when he was introduced, Rob Liefeld tied him to Deadpool and Wolverine, and a story would come out, that yes, he was a part of the Summers family… The amount of ties that Cable has to the Marvel Universe is pretty endless.

Cable was also the leader (near the end) of the original New Mutants, and would go on to recreate the team under the new, more aggressive name of X-Force. He was also a part of Six Pack, Wild Pack, Clan Chosen, and the Askani. So the guy gets around, and has a lot (perhaps too many?) wild attachments scattered all over the Marvel Universe and the various time lines. So it will be interesting if they treat this as a Cable solo book, or if he will be frequently running around with one of his lesser known teams (such as Six Pack, or Wild Pack, or Domino) as frequent guest stars in the book.

580a7392011b2Now today, as I said, they announced three – the first, as mentioned above, is Cable. The next two, they had to announce at the same time – because announcing one, would have given away the other. Folks, they just announced X-Men: Gold and X-Men: Blue. Some comic book readers (the newer ones) won’t understand the significance of that. But back in the 90’s (at the height of “X-Men Popularity”), the X-Men were split into two teams. There was the Blue team and there was the Gold team. Now, I was much more of an X-Men Blue Team fan, because their roster contained the “better” X-Men to me. That roster was: Gambit, Psylocke, Wolverine, Jubilee, Cyclops, Rogue and Beast. While the Gold Team had: Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman, Colossus, Bishop and Archangel.

xbNow, that’s not to say that these new books will have any of these same characters. As a matter of fact, if one of these books don’t have every X-Writer’s Current Obsession, Emma Frost (White Queen), I would be very, very surprised. I’d even be very surprised if either the Blue or Gold team of the original even remotely resembles the team we’re about to get in these new books.

xgMarvel is doing a very good job pandering to the X-Men fans of Marvel comics – by announcing these favorites… but with the team books, I suspect they’re holding back on who is going to be in them for a very specific reason… Or, it could be, that after so long of feeling like a burned out “X-Men” fan (until Bunn got on Uncanny X-Men), that I may just be way too cynical to believe that Marvel could truly be handing us what we want again.

580a73b8064b4Regardless, it is nice seeing that Marvel is not “doing away” with mutants in favor of the Inhumans, as myself, and so many feared, due to a lack of owning movie rights…

But then again… What if these “X-Men” teams and “Generation X” teams… and “Weapon X” teams are all comprised of Inhumans?

Marvel wouldn’t do that… there’s no way they would do that… right?

Hold on, let me get the tinfoil cap I own.

  • Tawmis


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Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher.

carrie_fisher_10_21_60Perhaps my first “crush” I can remember, was none other than Carrie Fisher. Of course, as a young lad, I didn’t know – or even care what her real name was. I was in love with Princess Leia. It started when Luke opens the detention cell door, and Leia is laying on the bench – that was the first time I remember thinking, “Wow. She’s really cute.” But what really did it for me wasn’t even Leia in the slave outfit two movies later – but it was actually in Empire Strikes Back. In Echo Base, when she is talking to Han – she is pretty much completely covered up, except for her face – and that’s when I remember thinking she was beautiful. (Of course, I was older, and far more hormones were crashing through my body). But the pictures I have in the above, from Empire – that smile, and her eyes – are freaking knock out gorgeous. Of course, every Star Wars male’s fantasy (of the hetro variety) suddenly had their dreams fulfilled seeing Leia in a skimpy outfit, while imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt. The stunning smile and stunning eyes, went right along with the stunning body! So thank you, Carrie Fisher – who went from Princess, to Rebel Leader, to slave who broke her own chains and killed her captor by herself – thank you for being my first crush – and thank you for always, no matter the circumstance, being the strong woman I always admire. Happy Birthday, Carrie!
Much love,


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Another Marvel Event – ResurreXion (Continued)

jean-grey-1-cover-666x1024-1Two more titles have been announced. One of them is Jean Grey. This isn’t remotely surprising. Jean Grey has always had a pretty big following (though, for me, the height of her character was during the original Phoenix/Dark Phoenix era, and then again, when they brought her back for the original X-Factor run… somewhere after that, Jean Grey became a train wreck, for me…) But, it looks like Marvel wants to give another crack at giving the readers the most popular and well loved female mutant, Jean Grey. The question comes along; will it be the (time displaced, young) Jean Grey or will it be the regular Marvel Universe Jean Grey? To be honest, I don’t know where either of these characters stand currently in the Marvel Universe.

res_genxAnother book they announced was Generation X. I remember enjoying this book when it first came out, but it eventually got a little strange in their story telling. But I always enjoyed the characters. However, I doubt that this will feature most of the original members of Generation X, because most of them have been killed. Let’s take a look at the original roster:

detailBanshee Died, trying to prevent two airplanes from colliding into one another, if I remember correctly. To my knowledge, he’s not been since. I do believe he was in X-Men: Chaos War, as one of the dead mutants seen along with Thunderbird (who, also, ironically died, trying to stop an airplane). He was also resurrected as Death during an Apocalypse storyline, but I don’t recall if he was ever put to rest again, or still running around as Death.



Chamber – Alive. He lost his powers when Scarlet Witch did her “No More Mutants” thing, and became a member of the “X-Men New Warriors” as I affectionately call them, using tech to emulate powers. He has since then, regained his powers after the event of Age of X, so that means Chamber could appear in this book.

Emma Frost – I believe she’s running around in one of the few remaining X-Books currently being published by Marvel. I can’t see anyone taking her off a major X-Book to put her on Generation X. But I could be wrong.

Husk – Husk flirted around with Angel for quite some time, before eventually becoming a part of Jean Grey’s School of Higher Learning, where she eventually left the school. I don’t know if she’s appeared since, so I am guessing she’s still alive.

Jubilee – Jubilee went from being Wolverine’s side kick, to becoming a member of the the X-Men, to eventually losing her powers, to joining the “X-Men New Warriors” (along side of Chamber), to then becoming a vampire… Jubilee has been a trainwreck, and lost her fun spirit that she once had… But, she’s alive… and could make an interesting addition to a Generation X book.

generation-x-1M – She is currently a member of Uncanny X-Men and getting a lot of air time there, and has a major story going on there (where she has accepted Emplate, who is now merged with her). I can’t see her leaving the Uncanny X-Men book, because it definitely seems like Bunn has big plans for her.

Mondo – The original Mondo that was on the team was a clone (sigh), and they eventually met and fought the original Mondo (after the clone had been killed by Bastion). The real Mondo was shown to still be alive and powered, as he was a part of Cyclop’s march in Washington, DC.

generation_x_002_00Penance – She has one of the messiest origins in Marvel history (I loved her character, before they tried to explain who she was and then retcon every attempt to explain it), but she was definitely seen alive, and still powered, in the pages of Avengers Academy.

Skin – Skin was one of the mutants killed by the Church of Humanity. His body was cremated and then later (somehow) resurrected as a part of Selene’s transmode virus army. I have no idea what came of that.

Synch – Was killed in an explosion, saving kids, and like Skin, was resurrected by Selene for the transmode army to attack Utopia. Not sure what ever came of that, after the attack, if they returned to death.

– Tawmis

UPDATE: DurararaFTW on the CBR Community informed me:
Emma Frost is not in any X-Men on going. She has a part in the mini-series Death of X, that’s all. Banshee is alive, last seen in custody with the Avengers. I’d read Hellcat before judging that Jubilee has lost her fun spirit.

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Logan (Wolverine) Movie Trailer Released.

wolverine-3-logan-posterRiding on the hype of the recent Guardians of the Galaxy teaser that was released, we just got a trailer for the (last?) Wolverine movie, Logan.

The trailer opens with the haunting melody from Johnny Cash’s song, Hurt. The trailer gives a hint that the world of mutants has drastically changed as Logan explains, “The world is not the same as it was… Mutants… they’re gone now…” Is this a reference to the comic books when  Wanda/Scarlet Witch shouted, “No more mutants!” and mutants across the world lost their mutant abilities?

I think it may be, as this is further evidenced that, whatever has happened, has also impacted Wolverine/Logan. Because his mutant ability should prevent him from aging (at least in the comics), and now we see he’s clearly aged. While some would say, that perhaps Wolverine aged because it’s set further into the future; you’d have to ask yourself, then why is Professor Xavier still alive? Also, there’s a scene, where I assume it’s Logan’s hands, and we can see they’re bloody; as if he had extended his claws, and his healing factor did not kick in to heal it.

Also in the video, we see Charles Xavier laying in – what appears to be an unusual hospital type bed… and then we see a young girl, who Xavier hints is, “Like you [Logan]… She’s a lot like you.” This is clearly X-23, who in the comics, is a young girl named Laura Kinney. She was made using a damaged DNA sample of Logan; and thus, like Logan, has heightened sense, and a healing factor. In the comics, like Logan, she also has her bones covered in Adamantium; and has two claws that can extend from her hand, where Logan has three, and she also has claws (talons?) that extend from her feet, unlike Wolverine.

I am not able to figure out who the person, covered in head to toe is – with the cloth and sunglasses, seen only for a brief second. (Pretty sure that’s Caliban. – Maico)

Since the movie apparently features, The Reavers, who in the comics were men that were part machine/part human – I assume the guy, with the cybernetic hand and blond hair who puts on the sunglasses is none other than Donald Pierce (in the comics, formerly of the Hellfire Club, but would go on to lead the Reavers; and like the person seen in the movie, has a cybernetic hand).

And my guess, at the end, with him standing their with the shovel, and the young girl comes to hold his hand; it’s Professor Charles Xavier who has been buried.

Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter page!

Logan is in theaters March 3, 2017. Below is the trailer:


  • Tawmis
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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Teaser.

gotg2So the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 teaser has dropped and it’s absolutely great. Not at all surprised, really. Although with how much I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (the comics by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, which inspired the movie are absolutely great – so if you’ve not read them, go do yourself a favor and check it out – it ran for 25 issues if I remember correctly. Make sure it’s the Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning version; not anything before or after. The before is an entirely different team of Guardians of the Galaxy and the post team D&A is… well, just avoid it). Anyway – as I was saying, my concern is I loved this movie. It’s like when a band dishes out this incredible album, that has nothing wrong with it… How does the band follow up with perfection? Needless to say, I am so ready to go into some self induced coma until 5/5/2017… Whose with me?

  • Tawmis
    #YouAreWelcome #Vol2 #Obviously
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Another Marvel Event – ResurreXion

icemanSo, after quite some time of speculating Marvel was doing away with mutants in favor of Inhumans, because of the movie rights between Fox and Marvel/Disney – it looks like they’re unleashing some new mutant titles. One of the titles announced was Iceman. Iceman has been a “fan favorite” for quite some time. His “sexuality” has come into question by rabid fans who claim that Bobby is gay, and in the closet. With Marvel’s recent kick to “diversify every single Marvel character” – could this series focus on Bobby trying to discover who he is sexually?

More importantly, will a “fan base of Iceman fans” be enough to carry a book before it gets cancelled by the sixth issue? I certainly have my doubts about this book lasting very long because of a lack of sales. It almost seemed doomed to fail.

weapon_xAnother book that has so far been announced Weapon X. This book was pretty dark when the previous series came out; all the references on the cover are references to the existing series. I wonder if it will be about Canada’s Weapon X program, or if we’re getting a new character who is going to adopt the “Weapon X” name (say, for example, a resurrected Logan? Or will X-23 take that name… when say, a resurrected Logan returns?) Do you see where I am going with this? I think Logan’s been dead long enough, that somehow, we’re going to see him return.

One can hope (that one, at least, being me), that all these time alternate versions (the “young, Original X-Men”, “Old Man Logan”, etc) all return to their time lines, and Marvel gets it together and streamlines these characters to avoid any confusion. But… that’s probably not the case, since (young) Scott Summers is a part of the upcoming series, Champions.

Have you got some book titles/characters you hope get their own ResurreXion title? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Tawmis
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NESS #1 Comic Book Review!

ness_01NESS was a crowd funded Kickstart project that met it’s goal. And it’s definitely a book that deserves your attention. They sum it up beautifully on their Kickstarter page, with this simple explanation: NESS is a Del Toro/Lovecraft-inspired cosmic horror story set on the shores of Loch Ness.

Chris Welsh is the writer behind this fantastic story, with incredible art by Rob Carey, complimented by Dee Cunnifee’s amazing colors, and Robin Jones’ lettering!

This book simply does everything right. The story is really well thought out. The characters in the story – ness_02just off the first issue – are developed nicely! The art is fitting with the dark shadows, which helps with the color and tones.

If I were to nitpick anything wrong – and that’s what I would have to do – is nitpick – because, for a good horror type story, this thing is really good! But the things I would have done slightly differently, is make more use of the main characters names. We learn Alexi’s name pretty quick, who has the camera. We learn Seah’s name, as the one who collects books. We don’t even learn (what I suspect is the main character)’s name until near the very end. And the African American/Black character? We never even see his name mentioned in the story. I think a more heavy use of the character’s names would have helped drive it home a bit more.

ness_03The Scottish guy in the bar, muttering about the disappearing cows; I would have just left him there. Him, drinking and muttering, through several panels, often in the background – then suddenly sitting up and saying he has to find the cows or the wife’s going to kill him? That just seemed oddly out of place.

And the third thing I’d nitpick, is when we see the creature chasing our main characters, and it makes a massive jump and lands on the bridge. I think seeing it be able to make such a massive jump actually took away from the creature’s slithering, creepy vibe.

But again – that’s just if I had to find nitpicks or things I would have personally changed! But seriously! If you love the Lovecraft type of horror – do yourself a favor – check out the NESS Comic Facebook page and Chris Welsh‘s site!

– Tawmis

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