Power-Con 2018.

I am not ashamed or afraid to admit – despite my Professional Badge access to both San Diego Comic Con and Los Angeles Comic Con (formerly the Stan Lee Komikaze), there’s one con that always stands out the most when it comes to enjoyment for me – and it’s Power-Con.

First, let’s talk about this year’s four shirts… I love these things! I bought last year’s four shirts also. (Currently wearing the Stratos shirt as I write this!)

The bar had some He-Man themed drinks, just like they did last year, which I think is always pretty cool! I don’t drink these days – but it’s still cool to see the hotel and the bar completely embrace the whole He-Man thing while it’s dominating the establishment, and people dressed as Hordak, He-Man, She-Ra, and even Stinkor are walking around, talking to patrons and taking photos with even people – who are clearly not there for the PowerCon but love what they’re seeing.

Speaking of Cosplayers – there were plenty of them around and they looked absolutely fantastic! Two of those were Alkali_Layke who came to my attention for her comic book dot Harley Quinn photo – and zabracuscosplay who I had the good fortune at meeting at PowerCon this year, since she and Alkali_Layke were sharing a table!

I also ran into Hordak (I curse myself for not catching his name – to see if he has a Facebook, Instagram, etc – so if someone knows – please share!)

If you’re not familiar with Tony Washington’s art – you need to make yourself familiar. Last year, I picked up two of his He-Man pieces he created; and he was the one person I was glad to hear, for sure, was returning – and I was hoping with new art pieces – and he did not disappoint. I still regret not picking up the Orko metallic that he did – I just picked up the regular print. These are pictures of the prints I purchased and do not do the actual prints justice. To see them in their full glory, go to his website which I linked.

Oh – I failed to mention the awesome Power Con 2018 booklet! I saved my 2017 one as well, just because I loved the cover! It’s also got some cool stuff inside. But this was also a nice little “to have.” The folks at Power Con know just what to do to make you save these things and clutter up your house with the Power of awesome!

Power Con is the one convention that I let myself go financially. I go to San Diego Comic Con, LA Comic Con, San Diego Comic Fest – and those three combined never even come close to the amount of money I typically have spent at Power Con. This year I stocked up on Tony’s art, as well as some figures from Super7, and of course, the Teela & Beast Man Mega Construx (only two they had left), the “Power” Fanny Pack (two of those – one to open, just to bother my wife), the He-Man Funko Figures I found…

My wife really loves when I wear the fanny pack and look as excited as I do…

Also, I have the He-Man Collections – that collects all the mini comics, and for the last few years, since it came out, I have been having folks who had anything to do with He-Man sign it (whether they worked on the toys, the comics, the cartoon, did the Power Tour, etc.) sign it – and I was so stoked to land some more signatures in my book of growing autographs! It was during one of these acquiring of signatures, yours truly ended up, inadvertently making a brief cameo in the Toys that Made Us: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode, as I posed with Leslie Wadsworth (She-Ra on the Power Tour) and Jack Wadsworth (He-Man on the Power Tour), the folks doing Toys That Made Us picked up their cameras and filmed as Jack (playfully) punched me on the chin. (Photo from IMDB and Photo from IMDB).

There was of course a mess of cool toys that were being displayed:

The panels were fun – but the one that takes the cake (literally?) is the Return of Faker. The amount of time and dedication that went into that is freaking amazing – and the story behind how they’re doing it. And just like last year, there was some cake involved too!


The Cosplay contest had some amazing costumes – and some little kids were absolutely adorable! (I just noticed adorable… Adora?)… I loved the Stinkor costume!

And naturally a special thanks to my wife, who puts up with me…

Thank you PowerCon for another fantastic time! You can see all the photos I took on our Facebook page.

By the Power of Greyskull!
– Tawmis





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ElfQuest #6 (Original Quest) – #FortyYearsOfPointedEars

ElfQuest #6 is where the book truly takes a turn. It fast forwards time, considerably, and we see that not only have Cutter and Leetah remained together; but they have had two “cubs” (children) named Ember (female) and Suntop (male). Both children are still young, but vastly different. Ember seems closer to Cutter (more of the wild nature to her), while Suntop is far more reserved, and has potential for magic – much like his mother, Leetah.

Also, from the very start of the issue, we’re given a hint of something sinister is at play, possibly, when the Savah, the Mother of Memory (from the Sun Folk) travels out of her body, using Astral Projection – and this time, in the darkness encounters something – noting that something had touched her, gently, like a fluttering of a butterfly wing. (That will come into play in the very near future!) But as a reader, at the time ElfQuest came out – readers were chomping at the bit as to what it could have been – and what would shake up an elf, so powerful in magic, like Savah?

You will find that nothing in the original ElfQuest is said just as fluff – almost everything is foreshadowing something else. Such as the scene when Ember jumps on Cutter’s back while he’s on his wolf, Nightrunner. Cutter remarks that she needs to get off because Nightrunner can’t carry them all like he used to – and take a good, close look at Nightrunner’s face in that panel. That little bit, added to the fact that Cutter explains that Nightrunner no longer leads, nor runs with his pack, because he’s too old – and that if he goes back, the wolves would kill him.

Make no mistake, Nightrunner’s age is about to come into play in a not so distant story – and if you do not have a box of tissue with you when you read that story – you’re going to be reading it with the most bleary eyes in the world – that, I can promise you. ElfQuest excels at yanking on your emotional chain throughout the entire original quest.

What they do – and what they pull off – and how they execute it all – makes the original run of ElfQuest an unparalleled and unmatched emotional comic book. You’d think reading it is like riding a rollercoaster – you’re going to have your up moments, where you’re cheering wildly; you’re going to get tossed around, unexpectedly at some of the turns; your world will get turned upside down, and when the ride is over – you’re going to remember that wonderful mixture of emotion.

Anyway, back to the comic – we learn that Moonshade and Strongbow’s son, Dart, has grown up to be a young man as well. And while out practicing his hunting skills with Strongbow, Dart spots something out in the desert that’s about to change everything for the Wolfriders and Sun Folk – and by Strongbow’s reaction, it’s not hard to guess just what it is!

The Wolfriders gather and it seems that the humans are about to be executed, but the ever gentle Redlance is the one who asks Cutter to wait – so that the humans can explain themselves. The humans explain that the fire that they had started raged uncontrollably, forcing them to linger in the center of the lake, waiting for days, until rains came and put the fires out. But by then, all had been lost – there was no possessions, no game, no food. They were forced to walk in the direction where the sun goes down – before they encountered another tribe of humans who took them in. But the elder brother of the human explaining this had fallen mentally ill and they would not leave him, so they were exiled – and they wandered through the sands until finding them. The leader explains that his brother, Dro, will soon be dead, as he no longer even sees or acknowledges those around him, in his madness.

Woodstock demands justice, and Redlance tells Woodstock that if he can kill the young, human boy, then the others can be killed too. But Woodstock can not – he lets loose an arrow but intentionally misses by a centimeter. In that moment, however, death comes for Dro, and the older human clasps his chest and falls off the starved horse. Cutter tells the humans to leave the dead one there as a warning to any other humans; and that the rest are free to go – but if he sees them or any other humans, ever again – he will kill them. Strongbow is furious that Cutter let them go and the two engage in a silent battle of sending; but it’s Cutter who wins.

Something that the humans said, sits heavy with Cutter. They had encountered other humans on their escape from the dead woods. And the Wolfriders had encountered the Sun Folk. What if… there were even more elves out there? Cutter tells his tribe of fellow Wolfriders that he will give himself one year to go out and find other Elves – and if he can, unite them all. He tells everyone that he is to go alone and none came come with him – that way everyone is in one place. However, Cutter’s best friend, Skywise, will have none of that and insists on going – citing that he’d rather face Cutter’s wrath than Leetah’s wrath, after he had already made the promise of keeping an eye on Cutter.

They retrace their steps through the desert, and even through the now abandoned troll caves, and see nothing but ash of their former home – unaware that several figures are watching them!

Interested in purchasing ElfQuest? Use our Affiliate link and help us out!

Shade & Sweet Water,

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Comics on eBay!

I finally got off my duff and put the first round of comics on sale on eBay. We have Captain Marvel 1-13, Thunderbolts 110-118 (plus some one shots), a run of the most recent Thunderbolts, a run of Ghost Rider, and the other half of that Ghost Rider run. All of them, except the Captain Marvel run have a Buy It Now option – that would end up in each comic resulting in less than $1 per comic (which is less than the cover price of these comics). But, it’s time to start selling some of the excess comics that I have! The sales from these comics go directly into helping better the Comic Relief Podcast (pay for the site, equipment, the whole 9 yards!)

I have got thousands of comics – and not enough room to house them anymore, so I am looking to make room and sell these relatively cheap, in hopes they can find a new home!
I am trying to make room at my house, so I am not accepting returns (which is why I provide scans of all the issues). If you have any questions, please ask before bidding!

– Tawmis

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Cloak & Dagger (on Freeform)

Honestly, if you’re not watching Cloak & Dagger on Freeform… you’re truly missing out. While they’ve made a few small changes (for example, how they got their powers), the show has been fantastic.

The filming, the writing, the acting – all of it has been absolutely wonderful. Even their “childhood” actors have been pulling it off beautifully when it does a brief flashback.

Take a moment, check out the show – there’s currently three episodes out. For myself, I am going to go out on a ledge and say – I actually have enjoyed the first three episodes of Cloak & Dagger far more than anything I have seen on Netflix – and that’s saying something, because other than Season 2 of Jessica Jones (which I felt like it dragged and was a little all over the place), Netflix and Marvel have been dishing out some incredible things.

You can learn a little more about the comic book versions of Cloak and Dagger on the New Warriors website. You can read about the Cloak & Dagger (Limited Series), Cloak & Dagger (Volume 2), Cloak & Dagger Graphic Novel, and Cloak & Dagger (Volume 3) – Work in Progress. If any of the books interest you and you want to buy them, each one of them has a link to the Affiliate Program that helps us out over here.

– Tawmis


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A Plethora Of Indie Comics.

I’m not going to lie. We’re way too backed up with potential interviews due to our scheduling of the podcast becoming very erratic. So what I am going to do is just list them, where to find them, so folks can check them out.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to us to be on our podcast and talk about their comics – but time is currently not on our side when it comes to scheduling when we’re going to be able to sit down and do our next podcast; and the submissions we’re getting from people keep building (which is utterly flattering!), but it’s also getting to my anxiety that I can’t accommodate these people who have taken the time to share their comics with us.

So first one I wanted to mention is Vengeance, Nevada by B.J. Mendelson. He was kind enough to say that the first issue was ours to post, share, and distribute how we’d see fit. So if you’re interested, I’d recommend downloading it from our site right here: BJ Mendelson – Vengeance v04 copy. The other issues of Vengeance, Nevada can be purchased through ComiXology at VengeanceNevada.com for $2.99. A little background, Issue #1 Credits: Cover Art by Isidore Koliavras. Interior Art and Letters by Peter Czaplarski. (Pronounced Cha-Plar-ski). Story and characters by B.J. Mendelson.


Next on the list is Skip To The End. 

Bassist-turned-junkie Jonny Wells is addicted to his past, but the only way to get there is through his music. Insight Comics is publishing Skip to the End, a riveting graphic novel created as an allegory to the history of the legendary band Nirvana.
Skip to the End tells Jonny’s story as he tries to cope with his bandmate and best friend Kirk’s suicide. Twenty years later, Jonny struggles with heroin addiction, lost in the songs they created and desperate to relive the past—until one day he discovers he can. With the aid of a mysterious guitar, Jonny begins to make trips back in time, searching for the roots of Kirk’s unraveling. At Nar-Anon meetings and in conversations with his sponsor Emily, he starts to cope with the events that led to Kirk’s death. But by the time Jonny realizes that his visits can’t change the present, he might be too addicted to stop.

Skip to the End explores music’s transportive property, while sharing a story of friendship, combating addiction, and suicide awareness.

They’re also responsible for another book called Dead Horse, which I would recommend. I’ve only read Book One: Dead Birds, but it starts off with an interesting hook, that leaves you turning the pages, wanting to know what’s going to happen next. Dead Horse was a part of a Kickstarter project that was funded.

If you’re interested (and again, I think you should check it out!), please take a moment to visit the Dead Horse Website to learn more.


Next on our list is the colorful, post apocalyptic, sci-fi, mixture of chaos! This is The Fist, who – now, follow me here – has a spaceship (because we all need a space ship if we’re doing the scifi thing!) – but there’s something special about this space ship. It’s… his wife! And if someone talks poorly about his ship – well, they get punched! And punched hard! From the writer, Jordan Kroeger:

It’s a big, action-packed, weird, silly, four-color, fun, dumb love-letter to all the comics, cartoons and video games that formed my brain as a kid.

It’s a book I’ve been working on and off between projects for four years. I “write”, illustrate, color, and publish it all on my own. I say “write” because it’s more of a freeform kind of thing. I use a loose outline, but make up a chunk of it as I go.

The Fist currently has an active Kickstart going, and you can contribute on their Kickstarter Page for The Fist!

We’re not done! Next is a comic from the folks at Darkhorse, who reached out to us working on a book called Gregory Suicide.

​Gregory Suicide is available in comics shops now from DARK HORSE BOOKS. This hardcover graphic novel is written by Eric Grissom (DEADHORSE) with art by Will Perkins (Berware…Comics)

An obsolete A.I. program known as Gregory wakes in an unfamiliar world and is haunted by the memories of his past lives, each ending in death by his own hand. On the path to discovering the truth about himself, Gregory slips into the trenches of two opposing forces: the deadly A.I. who replaced him and a group of humans who want to destroy him and all his kind. In the end, Gregory must choose a side in the coming revolution and the key to everything may lie in the strange visions he has between life and death.

Set in a dystopian future, the thought-provoking science fiction explored in the the book’s 144 pages brings to mind the likes of Blade Runner, Looper, and Westworld. Rather than merely relying on genre tropes, Gregory Suicide uses the vivid aesthetic as a backdrop to a universal story about human struggle.

“Gregory Suicide is the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever worked on,” explains Perkins. “It deals with what it means to be flawed and the wonderful humanity in that. It tackles our disposable society while still having plenty of murder and mayhem. There is also a heart in Eric’s writing that you don’t find in typical genre comics.”

For a taste of Gregory Suicide, a free prologue can be downloaded from GregorySuicide.com, where you can also learn more about the graphic novel.

Next on our list, coming from Iron Age is a book called Jaded. This was recently launched – and funded – through their Kickstarter – Which is still live – so feel free to donate to a great book!

Jaded takes a hard look at four super heroes facing personal tragedies that find that their lives – and even their core values – are forever changed.

It all begins with Adam Sovereign who has a persistent suicide jumper forever change his life… The following issues follow other characters (who are all beautifully designed) including Kid Prodigy, Grady O’Connell, and Etherea! The world… is it about to be destroyed or saved… by the arrival of Adam Sovereign? Go check out their Kickstarter – check out the rewards – and back this thing up!

We’re not done yet! (I told you we had a lot backed up, and now you can see my anxiety of why I felt guilty not being able to accommodate all these wonderful projects!) James Emmett reached out to me about their book I Am Hexed. Here’s what James had to say:

I’m James Emmett, the writer of I Am Hexed, a comic that we’re going to be releasing through a Kickstarter campaign this June.

Kirsten Thompson is our writer on I Am Hexed, whose past work includes being the linguist on Kim & Kim Volume 2, editing Strange Wit, The Bargain, and other projects. She is also a staff writer at ComicsMNT, and has contributed to Teen Vogue, Femsplain, Women Write About Comics, Talking About Comics and various other sites.

Christianne Goudreau is doing amazing work on the interior art for I Am Hexed. Christianne was also recently nominated for a Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity for the webcomic Full Circle.

Sara Duvall (Little Corvus), the cover artist on I Am Hexed, is an Eisner-nominated queer, non-binary Latinx comic artist. They’ve worked on projects such as Stela’s digital short-comic Deja Brew, and recently wrapped up a historical fiction graphic novel from Abrams, debuting in 2018.

Taylor Esposito is a comic book lettering professional and owner of Ghost Glyph Studios. As a staff letterer at DC, he lettered titles such as Red Hood and The Outlaws, Constantine, Bodies, CMYK, and New Suicide Squad. Taylor has also been credited on numerous titles for Marvel as a production artist.

So what is I Am Hexed, you ask yourself?

Hexed is a magical thriller mystery. There’s magic, personal drama, politics, and an accidentally carnivorous plant. Witches have been a part of the political fabric of Washington D.C. since it was founded. It’s only within the last few decades (since the 1960s, witches chose to show off their broomsticks) that they have revealed themselves. Now, with the struggle for equality ongoing, Charlotte Helm, a junior staff member from Roanoke has been thrust into the murky and dangerous waters of political games between witches and their political adversaries.

With her boss under suspicion for political corruption, Charlotte, her ex-girlfriend and whatever other help she can find, scrambles to keep one step ahead of the political and magical forces hunting her as she tries to figure out why she’s D.C.’s Most Wanted Witch.

I Am Hexed is heading to Kickstarter soon. Be sure to follow them on https://www.iamhexed.com/ and on Twitter for updates on their upcoming Kickstarter!

UPDATE 06/19/2018: The I Am Hexed Kickstarter is now live!

The last one is not a comic – but has to do with comics! Jaime S. and I chatted comics on Twitter – and they shared their piece that they wrote in regards to Nightwing & Batgirl – and it’s a long piece – but it’s also so very well done – and stays true to the characters! You can tell there’s a lot of caring and thought that went into the Nightwing & Batgirl: Year One piece. So if you’re interested, you can read Jaime’s piece right over here.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who submitted to us. Sorry we couldn’t accommodate doing an actual interview on the podcast. Perhaps sometime in the future! But I wanted to get a chance to talk about your books – at least in a post!

  • Tawmis


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Wolverine: He’s The Best At What He Does…

… and currently, that means coming back from the dead. Sorry, Wolverine… you have some serious competition for resurrection counts. Jean Grey still holds that title. Probably higher count in Jean Grey alone than all the Marvel Universe characters combined… But that’s another blog. This is all about Logan coming back from the dead, after being deceased for a few years.

Charles Soule who wrote the Death of Wolverine mini, in which Wolverine’s healing factor has failed him, and in the end, is encased in admantium… somehow comes back from that. And that’s part of the mystery. Well, Charles Soule will be writing Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends which is apparently going to lead into… wait for it… a new Wolverine on going series. Now, since Charles Soule wrote the death of Wolverine, and he’s writing this mini that leads into the new Wolverine series, I think it’s a fairly safe assumption that Charles Soule will probably also be the writer of the new Wolverine series; as I am sure Marvel had his death and resurrection all planned, from the moment Wolverine’s death was pitched.

Unfortunately, for me, Wolverine is one of those characters that has become over saturated. The irony – not because of Wolverine himself. Back in February of this year, I had shared my thoughts on this whole Hunt for Wolverine gimmick. And in that post, I talked about how I was tired of all the Wolverine knock offs…

We’ve currently got…

  • 616 Logan is now back.
  • Daken “Wolverine’s Son” -sigh-
  • X-23 (who I’ve come to tolerate)
  • Gabrielle (the uh clone of X-23… really people?)
  • Jimmy Hudson (coming from the Ultimates universe)
  • And then there’s Old Man Logan… a future… version of Wolverine….?

All of these characters running around the Marvel Universe… all at the same time… all directly tied to Wolverine in some fashion… is, literally, overkill.

So I’d like to say I am excited about our regular Wolverine’s return, but I am so burnt out on seeing anything related to Wolverine… And that makes me sad.

Are you looking for these issues? (Or any comics?) – Consider using our Affiliate Link to help keep the site ad free: Shop Here.

– Tawmis

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Are you looking for these issues? (Or any comics?) – Consider using our Affiliate Link to help keep the site ad free: Shop Here.

Well, first let me disclose – I am happy for those that will enjoy this version of the West Coast Avengers. So before I go too deep into my thoughts about it, let’s go over this version.

First, it will be written by Kelly Thompson – who has written Hawkeye, Rogue & Gambit, and quite a few other books. The art duties will fall on Stefano Caselli.

So let’s talk about the cast. First, we have Clint Barton (the original Hawkeye) who will probably be the leader of the team. Then there’s Hawkeye (Kate Bishop). Kate’s boyfriend, who I believe goes by the name Fuse. Joining them is Gwenpool, along with Quentin Quire (from the pages of the X-Men) better known as Kid Omega. And then rounding up the group is America Chavez, who I think just goes by the name America. The first issue comes out Wednesday, August 22.

Now, it might be me and my idea of continuity, that Marvel seems to have no problem forgetting. But in the piece on Marvel’s site, they said:

Like the original West Coast Avengers, the team will be living together—but it’s not quite the same Tony Stark-funded flat that we saw in the ‘80s. Instead, to get funding, the team will be part of a reality show while living together under the same roof.

Now. Wait a minute. Why does this sound very familiar? Oh, that’s right. The New Warriors did this before! Which led to Marvel’s event Civil War, in which over 600 children (as well as several members of the New Warriors; including Night Thrasher, Namorita, and Microbe) were killed when Nitro ignited himself.

So now, these superheroes are going to do the same thing? Film a reality show? And not consider the similar consequences, that in terms of the Marvel timeline was not that long ago? (I would love to see a story where the New Warriors face off against the West Coast Avengers to tell them what a bad idea this is).

I was a huge fan of the original West Coast Avengers run, because I loved all of the characters that were on the team from my long history of reading Avengers (beginning with Avengers #159). My problem with this version is; other than Hawkeye (Clint), I am not familiar with the rest of the members (I know of them all, except for Fuse – who I know nothing about), but couldn’t tell anything about their stories, origins, or anything. And the idea that they’re doing a reality show, similar to what the New Warriors did, without considering the fresh wound that should have, admittedly bothers me. You’d think the super hero community would be like, “Whoa! Stop. This is not a good idea. Remember when the New Warriors did it and all those people died?” And maybe there will be some super hero opposition; especially if it’s the New Warriors, I’d pick up those issues for sure.

What are your thoughts about this West Coast Avengers – you excited about the characters they have selected? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to hear your thoughts, whether you disagree or agree!

  • Tawmis




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X-Men: Extermination.

Are you looking for these issues? (Or any comics?) – Consider using our Affiliate Link to help keep the site ad free: Shop Here.

First, I must congratulate the X-Offices for not making this X-Men: X-Termination.

That alone deserves quite a bit of an applause; because that just seems like that would have been the easy answer to call this book. (And did anyone else, besides me, think that was Rachel Summers next to Ahab? So, now rather than young Jean Grey imitating – poorly, I might add – the original Jean Grey, now she’s going to be imitating Rachel Summers/Grey.

Apparently red headed mutants don’t know how to have any original ideas.

But, let’s dig into what this will be about… From writer Ed Brisson himself:

Ed Brisson: This series is about the Original Five—Jean, Bobby, Warren, Hank and Scott. Years ago, they were brought from the past to our present so that they could see how badly things went wrong with their older selves and, theoretically, fix it. They were only meant to be here briefly, but have stuck around for far, far too long and their presence is finally going to have some very serious consequences—not just for themselves and the X-Men, but for all of mutantkind. If the X-Men are here, then they’re not where they’re supposed to be, fighting those they’re supposed to fight. What happens when that past starts to unravel? What’s the butterfly effect on our present?

Now… I don’t know how time lines work, but I’ve argued for quite some time, that the moment Hank yanked out the “616” versions of themselves; their adult selves should have either ceased to exist or been drastically changed. For example, when the time displaced Angel got his energy wings; how did “616” Archangel not suddenly sprout energy wings also, rather than the metallic wings? I even wrote an earlier piece that ended up broken into two parts; about this very thing. I even used how tampering with the “616” past, as Legion did, which resulted in the (accidental) death of Charles Xavier led to the Age of Apocalypse. So… how has the “616” X-Men being yanked out of the past not also triggered a similar result? Essentially the very thing that Ed Brisson is basing this “Extermination” on when he said:

If the X-Men are here, then they’re not where they’re supposed to be, fighting those they’re supposed to fight. What happens when that past starts to unravel? What’s the butterfly effect on our present?

So, what makes Extermination odd is that it is about the original five X-Men (once again, focusing, what appears to be the time displaced X-Men), but then, it seems to take place in the future (since it seems to revolve around Ahab and the Hound program; and that Marvel even said:

The highly secretive series, brought to life—or death—by writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz, tells a story set 20 years in the future as all of mutant existence is on the brink.

So now our troublesome time displaced mutants, who got yanked out of the future, into the present, are now also in a messed up future. And why is it 20 years in the future? And why is it the original X-Men? Where are the other mutants? I am sure it will be all uncovered in this book, but this book – let’s face it – is nothing more than an (ongoing?) What If…? issue because whatever they write in this grim future, will probably never truly come to pass for Marvel (similar to Days of Future Past, or any of the alternate realities we’ve seen others come from, such as Cable and Bishop). So they will have the liberty to kill and do whatever they want in this series, because it truly has no real consequences to the actual future of Marvel characters.

  • Tawmis
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All of the Episode/Issue Pages…

Now have a link to the individual episode on iTunes. If you happen to have an iTunes account, consider rating us on there (and if you’re so inclined, please leave us a review as well!) It helps increase our popularity and our reach!

We’d love you forever, for it. Really, we would.


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Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #29 – To Infinity And Beyond!

Click the image for a larger size!

Are you looking to buy comics about Infinity War (or any comics?) – Consider using our Affiliate Link to help keep the site ad free: Shop Here.

In this episode, the dynamic duo of Tawmis Logue & Maico Moreno discuss and geek over Avengers: Infinity War. BE WARNED! If you have NOT seen the movie – this episode is so full of spoilers, that the two felt like spoiled children! Do not listen to this episode if you have not watched Avengers: Infinity War. Or if you have not seen it, and you’re here because you want to listen to our beautiful, sultry voices as we geek out about fictional characters, that have been building up in the cinematic universe for ten years – well, then go on, listen to this episode! We not only discuss the movie, but some of the moments in the comics – as well as some of the characters themselves, and their references to various comics.

If you love us so much, that you want to put it on your favorite audio player on repeat, you can download the MP3 also.

As a side note – if you are listening and wondering what we’re talking about, when I am talking about pulling a guy out of a burning SUV… read about it here and see the video.

Now on iTunes!

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