Coloring Magik #3 Cover.

New way of coloring is insanely faster. Did this one in about an hour.

Click on images for a larger size.

The actual cover from Marvel:

My colored version of the black & white image:

The a slight touch up to colors:

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(Old) Coloring Uncanny X-Men #156

While going through my images that I had saved to color, I found an old one I had done of Uncanny X-Men #156 which featured the Starjammers on the cover (anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Starjammers!) I am not sure when I did this one, but it was probably awhile ago, because I see things I would have done differently in the image. But figured it was worth the share.

Click images for a larger view.

The original image I worked with:

After having cleaned up the yellow tinge and colored:

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Coloring Ms. Marvel

To say I have been infatuated with Deathbird since her first appearance, and more so when she became associated as a part of the Shi’ar, would be an understatement. Found a Black & White image of Ms. Marvel fighting Deathbird (this was a great series, and not just because Deathbird is in it!).

Click images for larger view.

This was the image I worked with:

This was the coloring result:

– Tawmis

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Color Uncanny X-Men #137

While doing the Ka-Zar coloring, I learned a little trick. And these things normally took me quite a bit of time; but applying the trick I learned coloring Ka-Zar, I was able to color this cover of Uncanny X-Men #137 in a little over an hour; which is a huge difference between like several days!

Click the images for full sizes.

This is the black and white image I worked with:

And this was the coloring result:

No way looks super professional, but then, I don’t do this for a living. I just do it to relax my brain. 🙂
– Tawmis


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Ka-Zar Coloring

Did a coloring of Ka-Zar #29, I believe this was the first issue of Ka-Zar I had picked up way back in the day, solely because Belasco was featured on the cover, who I had known from Uncanny X-Men #160 (still one of my favorite issues!).

Here is the actual cover (you can click on all the images for a larger size).

This is the image I initially worked with:

After using the Find/Replace color tool, I turned all of the yellow tone to white. And began coloring it:

Using layers, I was able to keep the borders pretty easily, then merge the layer to then recolor the ink strokes:

I will typically color the main focus of the image, then grab the smaller background things to color:

Once I complete the coloring, I use tools to enhance the colors further, darken them if needed, and sharpen them for this:

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Marvel Comics Presents and The Invaders…

… will be returning to Marvel Comics.

When I first heard that they were going to be releasing Marvel Comics Presents, I thought, “Great! We might get some stories of characters who aren’t in a series regularly! Spotlight some obscure characters!”

However, it looks like the first story will star Wolverine back in 1940… another one will feature Captain America fighting in World War II… and another one will feature Namor and the impact of the Atom Bomb.

I guess Namor is not an obscure character, but he’s one that’s not appearing in his own book and a team book, and multiple other books – but he did recently get a very big push in the X-Men books. Here’s hoping if this continues, that they will feature a big character in a story (to draw the sale) and lesser known characters as a back up story.

The Invaders, get this – will feature Namor as the villain. The Invaders, formed as Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Jim Hammond going up against Namor who has decided to be a threat to society again.

(So much for Namor not appearing in multiple books…)

They also announced a Marvel Legends Night Thrasher figure that’s coming out.

– Tawmis


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The Age of X … or If I Was Writing X-Men Related Comics.

Every couple of months, I post team logos on my Twitter and give a stipulation of “Pick 7 members, maximum to be on your team, and at least ONE member has to have been a member of the team before” (and post Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, New Mutants, Generation X, X-Force, etc.) So I thought I would post my choices here, and maybe give some background to some of the story lines I would do.

Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Vindicator (Mac)
  2. Snowbird
  3. Shaman
  4. Sasquatch
  5. Witchfire
  6. Marinna
  7. Puck

Normally Aurora and Northstar would be a part of my roster, but I will probably place them elsewhere. In this team above, I would have it be influenced by a lot of magic type villains and mystical things. Witchfire would be struggling with the darkness in her and Shaman would be trying to keep her on the light side of things, feeling guilty for having previously failed his daughter. The addition of Witchfire brings in Belasco into the picture, which I would probably use frequently. Bring him back to what he was and bring back S’ym also, to have that fight with Sasquatch.

  1. Nightcrawler
  2. Captain Britian
  3. Meggan
  4. Shadowcat
  5. Prestige (Rachel Summers)
  6. Cerise
  7. Khaos

Just because Khaos appeared in the 1993 Excalibur Annual and was offered a membership on the team; I’d have him come back around asking for their help getting back to Irth, his home plane. Unlocking some magical things Captain Britain has access to, the team would travel to Irth and make battle and break the barrier, but the world would be vastly different from what Khaos remembers (time and space having moved differently) and he feels like a stranger, and decides to return with Excalibur to Earth, and becomes a part of the team permanently.

  1. Sync
  2. Skin
  3. Husk
  4. Penance
  5. Chamber
  6. Karma
  7. Sunspot

Sunspot doesn’t do too much with the team; he’s actually the financial backer. He discovers that a mutant has been detected, and when he sends the team (with Husk as the leader, taking up lessons from her brother Cannonball), they discover that Sync is still alive; and that his power synced with another mutant (who could heal) that brought him back from death. He has no memories, which is why he’s been off the radar, and eventually gets his memories restored. They later find Skin is also alive, having survived his killing due to his excessive skin, his skin was never actually punctured, but he was believed to have been killed.

  1. Moonstar
  2. Blindfold
  3. Dust
  4. Rockslide
  5. Mamga
  6. X-23
  7. Caliban

Caliban is there to track potential new mutants that are appearing. Moonstar is the leader, who slowly sees the re-emergence of her original mutant powers. Mamga is there to try to rediscover herself and make things right. X-23 joins the team because she’s been through so much and wants to make sure the younger generation of mutants is ready for the war ahead.

  1. Cannonball
  2. Shatterstar
  3. Adam-X
  4. Random
  5. Warpath
  6. Siryn
  7. Ariel

The team would recruit Ariel (from Fallen Angels) to help them track down Lila Cheney who they learn the Shi’ar are holding. This gets Adam’s attention, who has some questions for the Shi’ar so he tags along. Random is hired on as some additional fire power as a mercenary when the team can’t get a hold of Cable. The fight with the Shi’ar leads to the fact that Adam is the son of D’Ken (and Katherine Summers) and the rightful heir to the throne. Adam’s not even sure he wants it, and Gladiator struggles with his vow to the throne (having even served D’Ken) and the idea of a “half breed” sitting on the throne. Now I realize, base on the cast of characters I picked, the book would not sell well, but this is what I’d want to do with it before being shuffled off the book for someone else to revamp my run.

  1. Havok
  2. Polaris
  3. Mutliple Man
  4. Wolfsbane
  5. Guido
  6. Aurora
  7. Dazzler

It’s pretty close to the classic X-Factor team that Peter David pulled together, originally. However, I would place Aurora here; as she’s come to X-Factor to seek help locating a former teammate (and according to continuity, a lover), Wildchild. He’s disappeared, and there’s a mystery behind it, so she’s here for the ride. Dazzler is brought on, because she wants to pick Guido’s brain about Lila Cheney and all of her (interdimensional) success as a musician.

  1. Storm
  2. Pixie
  3. Wolverine
  4. Mimic
  5. Colossus
  6. Bishop
  7. Northstar

This is the hit’em hard version of the X-Men. They’ve got the rougher edge and don’t always see eye to eye with Cyclop’s version of the Uncanny X-Men. They would often compete and bump into each other, fighting villains (X-Men using Pixie to teleport, while Uncanny uses Magik).

  1. Cyclops
  2. Jean Grey
  3. Gambit
  4. Rogue
  5. Jubilee
  6. Psylocke
  7. Magik

This is the classic/popular team; they’re softer edge than the X-Men, trying to make sure everything’s done right, and through Scott’s vision of what Professor Xavier hoped to achieve. The other X-Men believe in the Dream as well, but also know, sometimes you have to not only bend – but break – the rules.


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Geek Girl #1 & #2 Review!

First, a very special thanks to Sam Johnson, the creator of Geek Girl for reaching out to us to review this! Second, extreme apologies to Sam Johnson, who got this to us back in July to review! But hold! It might just work out, because Sam Johnson is launching a Kickstarter for Geek Girl in less than a week – on October 1st, 2018! So head over to the Geek Girl Kickstarter for some more details! I’d like to say that was beautifully intended, but it just happens to be a happy coincidence!

The story follows Summer, better known as Geek Girl, a super hero who is – by the looks of things, still learning the ropes! She’s a very beautifully drawn young woman, who can fly and seems pretty invulnerable! She also teams up briefly with a more, seasoned hero, that the city seems very well aware of, by the name of Pit Bull (who, yes, dresses up sort of in a dog like costume! Now before you shake your head at the idea, just remember The Tick and how successful he is!)

Now I was really into reading it, but the scene shift, pretty early on (right after we see Geek Girl’s debut), switches to a hospital scene – which I felt like broke the action pacing from Geek Girl, herself.

Sam and company are clearly setting up a mystery, because there’s mention of tech-glasses giving super powers; which seems very similar to what Geek Girl is wearing. So there’s the question of what happened to this girl, and are the glasses they’re talking about the same ones being worn by Summer that have transformed her into Geek Girl?

The arrival of several other girls, who clearly don’t seem to be friends with the young lady in the coma crack some pretty crass jokes and laugh about how she’s a vegetable. So it’s clear that there’s not a strong friendship here between the mysterious girl in the coma (Ruby) and the rest of these girls. Because these hospital scenes happen between action segments, I would have (personally) started the comic with this. So that there’s this mystery, then allow the rest of the action to flow naturally, rather than interrupt the action with cuts back to the hospital. But then, Sam is the writer, and I’ve got no published writing under my belt, so there’s that!

It isn’t long into the first issue, you discover that indeed, the glasses Geek Girl wears once belonged to Ruby, further deepening the mystery, as to what happened to Ruby (and it’s also revealed that, it seems she went by the name Geek Girl previously… or maybe, Neon Girl – it wasn’t very clear when I read it – when she was wearing the super powered glasses).

The scene shifts and we see what appears to be some normal bank robbers hitting a bank; but as they get away, they use a portal of some kind to make good of their escape!

This whole thing is to recruit more people into their organization. (I wish we would have gotten a cool “villain” team name for this organization in these panels).

However, the second issue seems to be hinting at a name for this criminal organization… The League of Larcenists. The issue opens with Terry talking to (I assume) his wife, and explaining how a woman named Lightning Storm took down Neon Girl, and took down this new Geek Girl and put her in a coma (which I assume is Ruby, and not Summer, that got a little confusing).

Now what I found even more confusing, or perhaps jarring, was the fact that Terry’s wife (I assume), reveals that Geek Girl is out of a coma, and the picture shown definitely doesn’t look like Summer (so it appears to have been old footage of perhaps Ruby, when she wore the Geek Girl outfit). The fact that Ruby is awake from the coma is confirmed in the next panel, as we see Geek-Girl (Summer) flying through the sky and talking on the phone to Ruby, and asking if she’s still at the hospital (to which she says she’s not, that she’s now at her parent’s home). This was a bit of a shame I thought, because I felt like there was going to be a mystery building up to what had happened to Ruby (if she was like Summer, it would have seemed she would have been invulnerable), but with her awake, it seems to take the “Urmph” out of the mystery. This is further evidenced that not only did she go from tubes in her nose to walking and answering the door when Geek Girl shows up at her parent’s house.

However, in a surprise twist, she does request that Summer leave the glasses, since they do belong to her. Summer leaves and gets caught up with a robot attempting a robbery, forgetting she no longer has the tech glasses that give her powers, so she’s forced to flee, and catches a ride with her friend Josh who is wondering why she’s wearing Ruby’s costume. This goes poorly for Geek Girl as the robot catches up, and smashes her headset before she can tell Pit Bull where she is!

And that’s where issue #2 ends! Now despite the little quirks I mentioned, this comic is a very fun read; the art is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend everyone check it out – and don’t forget to check out the upcoming Kickstarter too!



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Happy #NationalComicBookDay #ComicBookDay

So today is officially National Comic Book Day. I’ve probably voiced it a thousand times what got me into comics. It was two titles specifically, that my best friend had given to me, way back in the day – it was Uncanny X-Men #121 and Avengers #159.

Both of these books left such an impression on my 9 year old mind; and both of them for the same exact reason. Both books had characters that looked very different, very dynamic, very colorful. And their villains (admittedly, Alpha Flight wasn’t really a team of villains, but at the time, I certainly thought they were!) were equally powerful. Uncanny X-Men #121 gave us – as I just said – Alpha Flight, a team that seemed to be forged for the specific purpose of being able to counter and fight the X-Men, while Avengers gave us Graviton; a villain who was single-handedly fighting powerful characters like Thor (who, I was not familiar with yet – in Marvel but knew of the character from my days of play Dungeons & Dragons, which initially got me into Norse mythology).

Immediately, I had fallen in love with the X-Men, Alpha Flight, Avengers, and Graviton – all of these characters inspired my need to know more about these characters, and that began my need to collect comics.

It was no long after this, my sister, knowing I was into comic books had come across a copy of a beat up Avengers #66 – and this was even more amazing! And yet another powerful villain – Ultron 6 – made out of the indestructible adamantium! The writing in Avengers #66 was a little more light hearted, but considering the era it was written in – it wasn’t surprising, and to my young brain  at the time, it didn’t even matter. What mattered was that I had another book with these Avengers characters in it.

One thing that was shocking to me, was when my father took me to a store called The Book Rack. This store, not only had a ton of used books; but it had shelves of comics; and also (for it’s time), a nice assortment of back issues. I was too young to have a job, and so most of the Uncanny X-Men and Avengers back issues were outside of my price range. But there was a comic that was bigger than the rest – and it was in black and white, and it was called ElfQuest. This appealed to my aforementioned love of Dungeons & Dragons. On a whim, I decided to pick up the first two issues that were out… and was hooked. The art and details of ElfQuest were beyond anything I had seen in my super hero comics. I discovered then, painfully, so that ElfQuest only came out every few months back then, unlike normal comics. But in a way, it worked out – since getting to the Book Rack was a small drive, and my father would only go when he finished a book. So I’d occasionally go with him so I could pick up the next issue of ElfQuest.

While at the Book Rack, when I had money (saved from not spending my lunch money at school, and doing small chores around the house), I’d also pick up the occasional cheaper back issue, or new issues of comics. Thor was quickly becoming a favorite of mine in the Avengers, and while I was picking up random comics I could find at the supermarket, my sister had found a local 7-11 that was carrying comics and had picked up Thor #325 and Thor #326 for me, from there, knowing how much I was enjoying Thor. Imagine my surprise to discover Thor had his own solo series?!

By this time, a local store (similar to Circle K or 7-11) called The Purple Cow here in San Diego, was carrying shelves of comics on their magazine stand. This provided me the chance in 1982 (or so) to start collecting Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, Hulk, ROM, Micronauts, Defenders, GI Joe, Conan the Barbarian, among other Marvel titles. I had picked up the occasional DC title, such as Aquaman, but over all, DC just wasn’t doing it for me back then.

Certain new titles, that eventually launched, really captured my attention, such as The New Warriors and The New Mutants. It was nice to be a part of a book, from the very first issue and going forward.

The New Mutants, while not exactly “dynamically different” in appearance, they did deliver (and I believe this was their intent), in providing a very dynamic team, in regards to where the characters were from, using the same formula that had succeeded in regards to when the X-Men had been relaunched (with Wolverine=Canada, Storm=Africa, Colossus=Russia, Nightcrawler=Germany, Banshee=Ireland, Sunfire=Japan, Thunderbird=Native American/US); with New Mutants, you had Cannonball (Southern Boy), Sunspot (Brazil), Wolfsbane (Scottland), Mirage (Native American) and Karma (Vietnam).  That kind of dynamic really helped make the book feel more real.

The New Warriors, on the other hand, were composed of a team of existing characters (except Night Thrasher), who all had their own series (Nova), or appeared elsewhere (Speedball in an annual of Spider-Man, Marvel Boy had a few appearances in Avengers, Namorita in the pages of Namor, and Firestar from the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon; as well as her brief appearance as a Hellion in Uncanny X-Men). What appealed to be about the New Warriors is how they all seemed to be misfits banded together; for a single purpose and they were not your typical heroes. They made mistakes; personal mistakes that created so much character development in these characters that had so little actual history in the comic book universe.

By this time, I was all in – I was collecting pretty much anything Marvel Comics produced. When Image Comics came along, I was head over heels for Image Comics as well, with Cyberforce and WildCATS probably being my top books from Image.

I eventually got in DC Comics more; and then they did the “52” event, and changed everything, so I dropped out of DC Comics, other than Aquaman. Then DC did The New 52 and I was all in; I was collecting every DC book they published, while my Marvel comics took a deep slide, as I lost interest in the direction they were going with comics. When DC did Rebirth I was still pretty strong into DC, but eventually my comics there declined as well.

I now have a collection of, well over several thousand comic books. I’ve enjoyed my run of comics, but lately, most of which I see/read doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore. Maybe I am getting older. Maybe comics are changing. But I hope that comics continue to appeal to the masses, even if the new comics no longer appeal to me. I hope someone else has the same experience I had, and finds a love of comics the way I did.

  • Tawmis
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ElfQuest #7 (Original Quest) – #FortyYearsOfPointedEars

ElfQuest #7 really starts the true nature of he Quest of the original series.

It opens with Cutter and Skywise going through the troll caves and entering the lands that were once their woodland home; and see that grass has begun growing and some of the stumps have branched out; but the land over all has burned to the ground; even the stream that was once vibrant and full of fish, now is but a dribbling puddle. The Father Tree; the largest tree where all of the Wolfriders once dwelt and called home, shaped by their ancestors is nothing more than a hollow, gutted stump.

Inside the stump of the Father Tree, Cutter finds the now melted remains of his father, Bearclaw’s, necklace. Cutter notes that even when his children, Ember and Sunspot, grown will never see the forest in the former glory; and that not even the eldest of trees will be able to support their weight, because the trees would still be saplings.

Cutter and Skywise also discuss what may have happened to the trolls in the caves; since they were not there either. Could they trolls have left in search for game? Or did something more sinister happen. You can bank on the fact that even this far back, Wendy has something planned that’s revealed much later in this original quest, as to what happened to the original trolls. Well, you find out this issue – but the … consequences are felt much later in the series, as neither Cutter not Skywise (nor their wolves) catch the scent of a pair of figures watching them.

It turns out to be none other than Picknose and Old Maggoty, of the trolls – and they make note that Cutter has New Moon (his sword). Again, the significance is revealed this issue, but the story doesn’t fully unfold until nearly the end of the series.

Picknose and Old Maggoty do get the drop on Cutter and Skywise with some sleep bags that Old Maggoty has made; and render them both unconscious (as well as their wolves). They quickly scoop up Cutter and Skywise and again, make mention of New Moon.

When Cutter and Skywise regain consciousness, they’re shackled and Picknose is seen with New Moon. Cutter lunges at him, with less than spectacular results; and a bit of humor. Old Maggoty mentions to Oddbit, Picknose’s love interest, that Picknose will finally amount to something now that he has New Moon.

Cutter and Skywise are made to be servants to the three trolls, while they celebrate Picknose’s apparently change of fortune – while this hasn’t been made clear yet, why the sword is so important – the first piece (literally) is about to be revealed.

Picknose invites them both to try the drink which they’re consuming and enjoy in the merriment, knowing that neither of them has tasted it before – and would immediately feel the effects – which they both do.

That’s when Picknose decides to reveal the secret – that in the base of the hilt is a key! And when Cutter exclaims that Bearclaw never told him about the key; Picknose explains that’s because Bearclaw never knew about the key himself!

After sharing some drinks and some thoughts, Skywise finally decides to ask Picknose what had happened to the other trolls in the cave – and that’s when he shares the grim tale of other trolls – which he calls Frozen Trolls from the North – had come – and that they were vicious and cruel and killed and enslaved all that they found. Cutter and Skywise are shocked to discover that there’s other trolls out there – much like how they had discovered other elves at the Sun Village – and spurred on the idea that there might be even more elves out there.

Picknose goes on to explain how Greymung, the King of Trolls that Cutter and Skywise were aware of; and how he had apparently driven back another troll called Gutterkraw, and drove them back and sealed them off, long ago – when Greymung was still young. (You can see where this is headed, right?)

When Gutterkraw returned, the trolls were not fit to fight against him, and no one was strong enough to stop Gutterkraw; so those that were not killed were enslaved.

When both Skywise and Cutter question the idea that there’s some great treasure; Picknose assures them that it’s true – and that he has the word of Two-Edge himself; who they explain is part elf and part troll. Neither Cutter nor Skywise can believe it, and Oddbit adds, “Rumor has it she wasn’t as ugly as most elves; and may have even had a wart or two!”

Now, you might be thinking – that’s really weird, right? Well, rest assured – it plays a major role in what’s coming up in the Original Quest and is – beautifully, yet tragically – explained how it all happens… and it’s not what you think, or maybe it is. But Two-Edge plays a very, very, very key role in this entire quest that Cutter has put himself on.

Cutter and Skywise do eventually make their escape; but Cutter doesn’t have the key, as Picknose had put it in his pocket. But in the struggle with Skywise, he had managed to take the pummel and end up with the key – much to the dismay of Picknose and the others!

Interested in purchasing ElfQuest? Use our Affiliate link and help us out!

Shade & Sweet Water,
Until next time!
– Tawmis


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