ElfQuest #2 (Original Quest) – #FortyYearsOfPointedEars

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Continuing the celebration of Forty Years of Pointed Ears, you can read ElfQuest #1 (Original Quest) piece from yesterday… Today, I am going to talk about ElfQuest #2 from the original quest.

As you can see from the cover, you can tell that Wendy Pini is an amazing artist. But as always, never judge a book by it’s cover – well, unless it’s ElfQuest and Wendy Pini is doing the art of the cover and the inside.

We return to the Wolfriders having been betrayed by the trolls now staring at a vast and endless sea of scorching hot sands. Once again, Wendy Pini takes the time to draw some beautifully pieces in these panels, where each of the Wolfriders stand out in their appearance and convey such realistic emotion in the panels. Cutter is feeling the doubt of being a young chief and leader of the Wolfriders, while Treestump, one of the oldest living members of the Wolfriders assures him that things will be fine.

Remember, in the previous issue, where I said everything has a consequence, and Wendy and Richard have set things up? Well, the lodestone that Skywise acquired from the trolls (before their nasty betrayal) once again comes into play as it continues to always point in the same direction. (Rest assured, this isn’t the only time that lodestone comes into play… but much more on that later).

One of the most incredible things about ElfQuest (aside from the art and story) is the unbreakable bond that exists between Cutter and Skywise; they’re more than best friends, as they say in the series: We are brothers in all but blood. That friendship shows as the series progresses – but I am getting ahead of myself again. Believing that the lodestone is pointing them to their new home, they follow it’s lead. The Wolfriders venture int the desert – and struggle through the searing heat of the sun, with no food, and no water (until Cutter is pricked by a cactus and cuts it in half out of frustration – only to discover that it contains water).

The panel where you see Rainsong, with her infant Wing, and young daughter, Newstar, you really get a sense that what these trolls have done, by tricking the Wolfriders to be stuck, is a pretty despicable act. That point is further driven, when we get to see Redlance (who was captured and wounded by the humans in the previous issue), is barely able to cling onto his wolf.

Eventually the gut wrenching moment comes, where Redlance knows he’s slowing the others down – and that he will wait for them to find water and food and come back for him (knowing full well, that may never happen). Nightfall, his lifemate, refuses to leave his side.

Cutter makes a promise that he will come back for them. It’s a touching moment, where he’s forced to leave Redlance and Nightfall behind…

The others press on, and spot what looks like mountains in the distance, which is a hopeful sign of plants that might be edible, perhaps animals that could be feed upon, and water from a stream or river – but what Cutter and the other Wolfriders find is something beyond what any o them could have probably thought.

What they do discover is another civilization of elves – but like none they’ve ever seen before. These elves appear to live in tiny huts, and having a small farming community. On top of that they don’t ride wolves or any kind of animal that’s visible to the Wolfriders.

We return to what I mentioned in the previous issue; that every action has a consequence and reaction. Because of what happened with the humans (and how these elves even seem to live like humans), Cutter decides that this time – they won’t politely ask. They will simply take, because that’s what needs to be done.

When the Wolfriders charge in, it’s Leetah that Cutter is headed for – but… again, things take an unexpected turn for Cutter. When Cutter looks down at Leetah – and their eyes lock – he feels something change inside of him. Immediately, he decides to capture her and throw her on his wolf, while the other Wolfriders grab food and water, and retreat back to the top of the mountain.

Rayek, from these new elves who had been seen attempting to court Leetah before the arrival of the Wolfriders, seems to be the only one from these elves who has the courage to go after the Wolfriders. (And truly, you have to admit – given the situation – how the Wolfriders look and the fact that they’re all riding massive wolves – one indeed has to be very foolish or very courageous to go after the Wolfriders). Treestump, from the Wolfriders gazes down as Rayek shouts at his people for being spineless and sends (the Wolfriders have the ability to communicate telepathically called ‘Sending’) to the others that Rayek looks like he has some spunk.

Rayek indeed turns out to be more than spunky – as he almost immediately proves to be a threat by using his own magic to hypnotize Pike, of the Wolfriders. After some fighting where the Wolfriders use Rayek’s headband to cover his eyes, Cutter is reminded of Redlance and Nightfall. He pleads with these new elves for their help – and Leetah reveals that she, like Rayek, has magical abilities – namely, her ability to heal. Rayek demands that Leetah not go, but we see Leetah shows off just how strong of a female she is as she denies Rayek and says that a life is a life, and that she must help.

Rayek refuses to let her go with Cutter alone, and accompanies her and watches on with some distrust still for these savage, barbaric Wolfriders. Leetah however, taps into her magical abilities to heal and manages to save Redlance. This immediately earns Nightfall’s respect and trust, because her lifemate had been saved.

Returning to the village of these new elves, Cutter and the Wolfriders discover that they’re called Sun Folk; and we meet Leetah’s father, who is one of the elders (who is blind, but sees far more than his eyes could ever see). And they decide to take the Wolfriders to Savah – the Mother of Memory – the eldest of all the Sun Folk – and an elf, far older than any Wolfrider ever lived!

You can read the original quest, ElfQuest #2 – online, for free – recolored (with the screenshots seen in this write up) – online, for free – legally – on the ElfQuest website! I would highly recommend it!

Shade & Sweet Water,
– Tawmis

PS: It’s Mandy’s birthday tomorrow (Weds) and she’s trying to hit 500 Subscribers. Consider going over there and subscribing to her channel!

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ElfQuest #1 (Original Quest) – #FortyYearsOfPointedEars

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To say ElfQuest is an amazing comic would be sorely under stating how incredible this book is. I admit, I was enthralled by The Hobbit in the 4th grade, so when I saw the cover of ElfQuest – it captured my attention. Not only did it have these more… barbaric looking elves… not your traditional pretty elves, in pretty colors, in pretty clothing – but also these elves… they rode wolves?

This was certainly something that was unheard of. At the time, I was knee deep into my Uncanny X-Men and Avengers books – and ElfQuest was a black and white book – but at the time, actually in magazine format. So it was larger than your standard comic book. Flipping through it, it seemed everything was very … homegrown.

Immediately, the first thing that captured my attention that “super hero” comics did not – was Wendy Pini’s ability to capture sheer emotion in these characters. Covers are one thing – because you can take all the time in the world to make a beautiful cover. But opening the first issue – I saw that remarkable talent for capturing and conveying emotion in every single panel of the first issue. There was no need for words in most panels, because of Wendy’s distinct ability to show something happening; and showing someone’s reaction to those events.

ElfQuest showed so much emotion – and more so, it was… realistic… which is odd, coming from a fantasy setting. I completely understood why the humans feared the “pointed eared demons” – and also, why the elves hated their “round eared enemies.” A hatred was born out of fear, and that hatred carried on for endless generations, which was so beautifully portrayed in the first issue of ElfQuest. There is no question to the reader as to how this world works and why people hate the people that they do. (It’s hauntingly real, in that, to this day, we have hatred in this world, simply because someone is different… so it’s easy to understand how this world works… because you need not look further than our own to understand how it applies).

The other amazing thing about ElfQuest was that every action had a consequence. Rarely, in ElfQuest did someone do or say something, without there being an effect that impacted the entire story. For example, in the first issue, the elf known as Redlance is captured by the humans, to be sacrificed because they’re “demons” and their gods demand the sacrifice. However, Cutter (the chief of the elves known as Wolfriders) is not about to let someone from his tribe be killed, and pulls together some of the elves for a rescue mission. That rescue mission results in one of the humans (the one that was going to kill Redlance) being killed by Cutter.

This, you would think, is not unexpected – this war between elf and human, has been shown to have gone on for centuries. But, this time – because it’s a part of the main story – Cutter’s action has drastic consequences. Demanding revenge, the leader of the humans claims that his god has spoken to him and that the lands must be cleansed – with fire.

This leads to the humans burning the lands down, with no regard for themselves or anything else, as the fire immediately burns out of control. This forces the Wolfriders to seek shelter – and that they must turn to the trolls (who are unlike any kind of trolls you’ve probably seen before) in order to seek shelter from the fire. But before they escape, Wendy Pini manages, to yet again, capture the emotion on One-Eye’s face so tragically… so beautifully.

Speaking of One-Eye, it reminds me how unique all of these characters are in their appearance. It’s very easy to identify this small tribe… which brings me to another point. Usually in Uncanny X-Men or Avengers or any other standard comic book, you’re only reading about five to seven primary characters. While ElfQuest certainly focuses on Cutter, Skywise and eventually Leetah – the rest of the cast are predominately written throughout the story, so much so, that their personalities shine in just about every panel of this issue; but more so as the original quest continues.

As I was saying, the Wolfriders need to seek the help of the trolls, whom live underground, from the fire that threatens to burn them down. Now, you’d think that these trolls whom they turn to – well, first, you immediately get the impression you shouldn’t trust them… while they seem like a bumbling lot, they also look like the type of people (er, trolls) you shouldn’t trust. But the Wolfriders have little choice but to trust these trolls – who promise them that there’s a new home for them just down this special tunnel.

But before they go, the current troll king has his foot, seemingly resting on a normal rock – that is anything but a normal rock. That rock turns out to be a lodestone, fallen from the sky. Skywise gets a piece of it, and uses each of his tribes members hair strands to weave a necklace to keep around his neck.

At any rate, the Wolfriders are led down this tunnel by Picknose, who uses a lever and betrays the elves – leaving them stranded, staring out into a vast sea of endless sand dunes. Things, for our beloved Wolfriders seem to have gone from worse… to… well, even more worse.

I am going to try to cover each of the issues, of at least, the original quest for the 40th Anniversary of ElfQuest’s “Forty Years of Pointed Ears.” But – I recommend that you read the original Quest and the others – legally – on ElfQuest’s own site.

Shade & Sweet Water,
– Tawmis

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Fantastic Four Return To Marvel In August.

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Marvel just announced that The Fantastic Four will be returning to Marvel’s publishing schedule. With the writing duties falling on Dan Slott who has historically done Spider-Man books quite a bit, and artist Sara Pichelli (who, I am not familiar with by name), but by the looks of it, has also done quite a bit of Spider-Man related books. Our latest podcast had a Fantastic Four theme to it, because it focused on Black Panther who made his debut in Fantastic Four. The additionally irony to this is, new books have not really been doing much for me, so I dug up my Fantastic Four collection recently, which is chalk full of holes in the collection and have been reading them and posting about them. This new book has a good writer, and by the looks of it, a solid artist on it – so I am willing to pick this up and see how this goes.

– Tawmis

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The X-Men Franchise – and in the Movies – and the Epic Twitter Battles.

Needless to say, I grew up on the Uncanny X-Men. If you don’t know that, you’ve clearly not listened to our podcast or read any of the posts I’ve made here. An interesting conversation which quickly escalated into a debate formed on Twitter (which I wasn’t a part of, because really, I can’t convey my thoughts in 140 characters, when it comes to the X-Men). So I thought I’d take to the blog to share my thoughts.

As I’ve said, I grew up on the X-Men. While I collected Uncanny X-Men and Avengers – the Uncanny X-Men always held a spot just above the Avengers. There came a time, somewhere around the year 2000 where I began losing interest in the X-Men (and I had already dropped Avengers), because the state of comics was just rapidly going in spiraling toilet… The writing changed all of the characters, the art was subpar… these were not the Chris Clairemonet/John Byrne X-Men… or even the Jim Lee/Marc Silvestri type X-Men… these were X-Men who gave up their costumes, decided to go with all black, leather, more realistic look. I collected for the sake of collecting, until I reached a breaking point. But, the powerful writing of Cullen Bunn brought me back towards Uncanny X-Men again, later.

This is to say, I am clearly very invested in the X-Men. So when the first X-Men movie came out, I liked it for what it was – but was still disappointed that they were in black leather. People countered that “it had to be that way because superhero costumes wouldn’t convey well on the big screen.”

To which, I always countered, “Has anyone told DC comics that? Because… Batman… Superman… Riddler…”

And someone always said, “Yes, but were those good movies?”

Naturally, I didn’t think so. But that had nothing to do with the fact they were wearing costumes, and had more to the fact that, there wasn’t much there in the way of a story.

Skip a few years, and we get X2, which tries to follow God Loves, Man Kills … very, very, very loosely. But still, they’re in the leathers. X-Men 3 comes out, and it’s the worse of the bunch. Then there’s a blur of First Class, Days of Future Past, Wolverine, and probably more that were, over all, less than memorable (Logan is the exception).

It seems there’s a deep cut in the “X-Men Fandom.” There are those who are avid fans of the X-Men films, and mock the “Disney Overlords” idea of the MCU. But then I point to the Disney MCU movies and think, “Well, Cap is in a costume, Thor is in a costume, Iron Man is in a costume, Black Widow is in a costume, Winter Soldier is in a costume, Ant-man is in a costume, Falcon is in a costume…”

So all those people who swore up and down that costumes would not convey on the big screen very well? Certainly, just putting the heroes and villains in costumes isn’t what makes them successful. You need only look over to DC’s Justice League movie and see how, in terms of earnings, it was a flop. (And when did we think that we’d see a day where DC’s most iconic characters – Batman, Superman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman – all in one movie would be slammed by a single, less popular character like Black Panther)?

So for all the X-Men movie fans who love the movies; kudos. But I am one of those that believes that the X-Men movies can be done right – as in putting them in costumes and giving us a super hero movie similar to what we see over in Marvel/Disney MCU.

It’s like when I saw the 1990 (was it?) Captain America movie. I thought the movie was great, because, really, I had nothing to compare it to. (There was a 1979 Captain America special – I don’t recall much of it… I just remember a motorcycle with his shield on the front). So when I saw the 1990 Captain America – I thought it was pretty good, because there was nothing else to say “Do you like Option A or Option B?” To me, it had Captain America in costume and… well, a very disturbing looking Red Skull (who is one of Captain America’s main foes).

So when I saw the X-Men movies, despite the costume gripe I had, I thought those movies were good. But then Marvel/Disney comes along and says, This is how you do a superhero movie right. Then I saw the potential of what the X-Men movies should look like.

  • Tawmis
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The Signal #1 – Review.

The folks at The Signal Is Real have kindly allowed me to review their first issue of The Signal. I enjoyed it – the art, colors and writing are all spot on. I wish we got some background on the friction (hatred!) between our star, Annie and the military jerk, Ben, even if it was just through a few lines of dialogue to reflect on whatever past they have to create that angry tension. (I mean, really, Ben comes off as a jerk, right from the first panel – and that’s putting it very, very mildly). But there’s certainly a sense of something happened between them previously! But it’s the first issue! So undoubtedly this isn’t the end we will be seeing of interaction between Annie and Ben (or I hope not – he seems to be the perfect pain in the rump for Annie, because he is so real…) And Annie herself, reminds me a bit of Jessica Jones (mostly what you see on Netflix). She’s the tough, take no $#!+ from anyone (man, woman, doesn’t matter), who will throw down, no matter the odds, take some hits and keep on standing – who has also, has an affection for the bottle.

The Signal reminds me if Jessica Jones was in a crossover with The X-Files meets “Impending World Doom” type of show. It’s good. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. But definitely for adults (because it’s not your traditional kid friendly comic – plenty of “adult” words used in this!) So, stop by their website and give it a chance!

– Tawmis


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Comic Relief Podcast – Issue #28 – The Perfectly Pitched Black Panther Movie!

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You. Yes. You. Don’t look behind you. I am talking to you. Yes. You reading this right now. You didn’t think it was going to happen did you? Don’t look confused or surprised. I can see it in your eyes.

You didn’t think we were ever going to do another podcast, did you?

Don’t worry – we thought the same thing! But we’re back! And better than before! (Okay, I am not sure if we are better than before, but everyone always says that when they’re back… so there was this… unseen peer pressure to be like everyone else for a moment there!) If the silly cover image isn’t giving it away – in this podcast we talk Black Panther – and I won’t give away spoilers on this podcast… but this is one of the few times Maico and Tawmis agreed … they both hated the movie. Well. Correction. They hated that the movie came to an end. That’s probably a more accurate statement. What else did they say? Well! Buckle up listener and give’er a listen down below!

If you love us so much, that you want to put it on your favorite audio player on repeat, you can download the MP3 also.

Now on iTunes!

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Review Indie Comic: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1

I’ve not watched wrestling since the days of Triple H, Heart Break Kid, and X-Pac made up Degeneration X. So when Edward Kuehnel reached out to me and asked if I would like to review a wrestling “themed” comics – I was, admittedly – skeptical, because my interest in wrestling stopped in the mid 90s or so.

But then, I started reading this comic – and immediately began laughing. This is a comic that has some brilliant moments of comedy through the dialogue – and even has some heart warming moments (between our big star and his love interest, Linda).

It’s not afraid to poke fun at itself, or even, the whole wrestling thing in general, for that matter. A lot of the dialogue and characters are over the top – and have their great slogans (“Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your @$$!” for example, for you WWF – er, WWE – fans). Our hero is no different – he has his own, over the top slogan that had me chuckling.

But if you think it’s just people in this – no. You’d be wrong. There’s a wrestling bear too – and he’s one of the top show draws! (He brings ma, pa, boys and girls to the show!) I even love how they stay true to wrestling terms (heels turning face, for example; is a villain turning hero) and jobber (someone whose not popular, and there, pretty much to take the fall).

Our would be hero decides to leave – and try his luck on his own, and the story takes a strange twist – but the humor keeps up throughout – and we finally see Planet Wrestletopia at the end.

One thing that was odd – is several times, they “cuss” (the “bad word” for poop), but then in one of the panels, use the traditional comic “cuss” (using #$%! instead). All in all this is a really fun comic and I’d highly recommend it!

Find out more about the creators: Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin, while Dan Schkade is responsible for the art and Marissa Louise did the colors and Dave Lanphear doing the lettering. You can check out Suspicious Behavior Productions website, follow them on Twitter, check out their Facebook page, check out their Tumblr page, check them out on Amazon, and finally check them out on Comixology!

– Tawmis
From the top rope!

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Black Panther, Thor, Venom, Immortal Hulk, Multiple Man… 2018.

So Marvel’s been leaking out news about this new “Fresh Take” on their comics (a fancy way of saying, they’re relaunching some books with #1 – again). One of their newest ones to be mentioned is Black Panther, which is no surprise, considering the block buster success of the movie (and Marvel was pushing Black Panther pretty hard before the movie came out; even having him get married to Storm, to probably draw in some of the X-Men fans into checking out what’s up with Storm). The writer will be Ta-Nehisi Coates and the pencils will be by Daniel Acuña.

I am, admittedly, curious what they will do with Black Panther. Will the focus be in Wakanda (like the cover seems to suggest)? Will we be seeing Klaw as how he appears in the regular Marvel Comics, or will the movie affect his appearance, and make him human looking? Will Man-Ape drop the ape get up and just have the furs? I am curious just how much of this incredible (and very successful) movie will impact the layout of the comic itself.

Donny Cates will be writing, with pencils by Ryan Stegman, the newly launched Venom book. The cover looks absolutely incredible – and might be enough to at least give this book a shot (though I admit, while I’ve liked Venom; I never cared for him as his own book; I loved him as a villain or anti-hero). Marvel has tried so many things with Venom lately – the Anti-Venom thing, the Space Venom thing, and on and on. But this looks to be more like the “down to basics” version of Venom. With a (anti) hero/villain like Venom, I suspect we will see quite a few Spider-Man appearances; but I am hoping they’re able to branch beyond that and include the vast roster of other characters that exist in the Marvel Universe. I think with a book like Venom, it’d be fun to bring in some obscure villains/heroes that have run into Spider-Man (Puma? Quicksand? Swarm? I say bring them on!)

Jason Aaron returns to writing Thor Odinson (as it seems Jane Foster/Thor ends up passing away) with pencils by Mike Del Mundo. For reasons I don’t know, because I couldn’t follow Thor: God of Thunder by Jason Aaron or anything that came after that… I don’t know why Thor has a golden arm? (Maybe he thought Winter Soldier looked cool? Or Cable?) And not entirely sure why his hammer also appears to be made of gold (Midas Touch anyone?), but apparently he goes through several of them during a fight with Juggernaut. I suspect from the things I have read this is going to be a very different Thor, which means, for myself, this is going to be an easy pass. Jason Aaron is a talented writer – millions of folks love his writing – but it’s a style I am not a fan of personally (but that obviously doesn’t make him a bad writer, just to be clear). The main story will be about the artifacts of Asgard being scattered all over, and Thor has to go reclaim them.

Next on the line is The Immortal Hulk, being written by Al Weing and penciles by Joe Bennett. This takes place after the second Civil War in Marvel Comics, where Hawkeye simply put an arrow through Bruce Banner’s brain, to stop him from becoming Hulk, and killing Bruce Banner in the process. Hawkeye explained that Bruce told him to do it at some point. (Bad story telling, anyone?) Anyway – the Immortal Hulk is about Bruce Banner’s corpse arising as The Hulk (at night is what the preview says; but I imagine that’s just for the horror effect, and I doubt said Hulk is restricted to only rising at night). So now, Bruce Banner will be back as The Immortal Hulk while Jennifer Walters will be in the Avenges, simply as Hulk as I understand it. That’s not going to cause any confusion.

Another one coming up is a five issue limited series about Jamie Maddrox returning as Multiple Man – this, I guess, after coming back (or somehow surviving) his death with the Inhumans Terrigan Mist. This will be written by Matthew Rosenberg and art y Andy MacDonald. Ideally this means, we might be seeing an X-Factor book in the near future again? I can hope anyway…

Another book coming out is Cosmic Ghost Rider, who – I guess – appeared somewhere in Thanos. This will be penned by Donny Cates.

They say there’s more coming. So we shall see… and share thoughts as the news breaks.

  • Tawmis
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Avengers of Prehistoric Future Past.

Good news! Tony Stark is back to being Iron Man! Steve Rogers is back to being Captain America! Thor Odinson is back to being just Thor! What could make this better? All three of them are back in the Avengers! Yes, it’s true! As a part of the Marvel “Let’s Try To Keep Things Fresh” movement – they’ve brought the big three back together, as their original selves, and as a part of the Avengers – which will launch with a new #1 issue! But who else is in the Avengers? Let’s take a look shall we?

  • Black Panther – Sweet! I’ve always dug Black Panther when he appeared in the Avengers… never been one of my top favorites, but always a very cool, mysterious character! The movie has me appreciating Black Panther more than ever! (If you’ve not yet seen it – stop reading this – and go see it – then come back and finish reading this!)
  • Captain Marvel – I’ve always been a big fan of Captain Marvel (ever since her Ms. Marvel days!) So that’s great that she’s on a big, core book to get some extra attention! (I admit, my favorite version of Captain Marvel was her Binary form, in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #164).
  • Hulk – Er… but it’s Jennifer Walters, not Bruce Banner – but she’s gone through some changes, and is extremely amped up and looks just like Hulk (with the over sized muscles, rather than Jennifer’s more feminine appearance of She-Hulk). So apparently she adopts – or has already adopted the Hulk name. Which I am fine with – I’ve always been a She-Hulk fan – but part of what made her great was having that strength but also having that sense of humor. Curious if this Hulk will have any intelligence?
  • Ghost Rider – Oh. But… it’s Robbie Reyes. That’s… unfortunate. I get he got a big push in Agents of SHIELD (a show I stopped watching after the alternate dimension alien planet thing… and even then, I was watching it out of habit and not because I enjoyed it anymore), so I was already done watching AoS by the time the Robbie Reyes push came along. Sorry, give me Blaze or Ketch.
  • Doctor Strange – Nice! But he’s only on the team for a short bit – and his slot will be a rotating one (which sounds like the chance to bring in other Avengers members from time to time, depending on the story!)

So far, so good, right? I mean – I can tolerate Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider. So what are the other details?

Who is the creative team? Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed Guinness. Well. I dig Ed Guinness’ art – but I admit, I dropped Thor: God of Thunder when Jason Aaron was doing it and doing that back and forth between present and past – every – single – issue. It just got too annoying so hopefully he won’t –

Hold on – the details just rolled in…

The series will have a familiar feel for those who read Thor: God of Thunder, with the series shifting back and forth between present day events with the current Avengers team and the story of the prehistoric Avengers of 10,000 BC.

Hold up a second. 10,000 BC Avengers?



There were Avengers… in 10,000 BC? Why yes… apparently there was… and it was introduced by Aaron and includes… the first Black Panther, the first Ghost Rider, Odin, the Phoenix, a version of Starbrand (which originated in New Universe), the first Iron Fist and Agamotto… and they formed to fight a Dark Celestial or some such thing like that.

So… I commend that Aaron is doing some continuity stuff – and this, over all, seems like it could be an interesting team to read about (but for Odin’s sake – why is even the 10,000 BC version of Phoenix also a redhead – could we not have gone with any other color?) – and while, initially I was annoyed at Avengers existing in 10,000 BC – after doing the research and digging up the team – it’s a cool concept. But, if I couldn’t hang with Thor: God of Thunder constantly going back and forth between present and past, I doubt that I’d tolerate it for long in Avengers – and these days, it’s about crunching money and being picky what I pick up, because of the cost of comics, so – sadly, this will be a pass for me – which is a shame, because Avengers and X-Men were my go-to comics, and what brought me into the world of collecting.

– Tawmis


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Marvel’s “Fresh Start” And What Does It Mean?

Earlier today, Marvel announced that 2018 will unleash a brand new “Fresh Start” for 2018 in the following video:

All of this seems to be stemming from Bendis leaving to take an exclusive deal with DC Comics. The video certainly seems like that the folks at the “House of Ideas” are amped for this new “Fresh Start” – apparently not this excited since “Marvel NOW!” (Maybe I missed the bus on that, but Marvel NOW didn’t do much for me). Some of the things we see in the video that stuck out – Thor seems to be back – well, not Thor – well, it is Thor – but Thor has not gone by the name Thor for … well, a very long time now. We see he has a shiny golden arm and… a shiny… golden hammer… that looks exactly like his old hammer. (Apparently Thor hit up someone from Pimp My Ride). I’ve not been reading whatever book “Thor Odinson” has been in for a very long time, since he stopped being a character I recognized; and I only ever got the first issue of Jane Foster as Thor so I am not sure what’s going on there; but from what I gather, apparently Jane Foster has (or had?) cancer – and this is somehow leading to Thor (Odinson’s) return? I don’t know. Sounds like a train wreck, still.

And we also see Iron Man and Captain America, and Tony Stark seems to be returning to the suit. So Riri Williams will be out of the suit (I am guessing) and resume her roe as Ironheart and be a part of the Champions – and apparently at sometime, Doctor Doom was also in the Iron Man suit (What the actual…?) Anyway – both Captain America and Iron Man have big “legacy” issues coming up (#600 and #700 respectively), so I am sure that’s where all the big, bangs, and whistles will happen.

I am personally glad to see that other writers will be given a chance to (ideally) shine, rather than it being the “Bendis Show” at Marvel. It’s also good to know that some of the characters Bendis created (Miles Morales and Jessica Jones) will continue to see some spotlight. With all of this going on, I suspect we will also be seeing the return of Marvel’s first family (team) – the Fantastic Four. There was an image floating around of the Fantastic Four, where it looks like the original four members – but they’re cut out, so you can’t see who it is. (I wish I could find it again – so for now, you’re just going to have to put up with a standard Fantastic Four image).

Though the creative teams – or even all the book titles – have not been announced, Tom Brevoort assured everyone that not all books will be going back to #1 for these “Marvel Fresh Start.” (Which is no surprise, because of the aforementioned big numbers for Captain America and Iron Man). But he did say some books will be getting a fresh start – it’s unclear if that’s existing books already, or if that’s going to be new books spinning out of this “Fresh Start” (for example, I am sure we will probably see an Ant-Man and Wasp comic since we have that movie still coming out, and the duo is featured in the front of the picture, down in the lower right).

Tom also added, “Do not ‘read’ anything into not seeing a character on the Jim Cheung piece… We can only squeeze so many characters in there without killing poor Jim! If you were disappointed or confused by the absence of someone in the promotional material, don’t worry just yet: more news is coming.”

So what that all means… who knows. Good news? Bad news? Thoughts?

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