Captain America: Civil War – Tawmis.

13179264_563184730521446_4284097335775040875_nI have literally just got home from watching Captain America: Civil War. And… I have no words. Literally, I am sitting here staring at my screen trying to figure out how to write this. This movie… was…. amazing. But that’s not doing it justice. I mean, this movie needs a new word for it – something that goes beyond “amazing” and “incredible.” (Maybe Amazible? Incredazing?) I won’t spoil anything – but this movie is full of so much great action. The fight scenes? The best I have ever seen. The. Best. They did this movie right. In every aspect – they did this movie so incredibly spot on. You do not need to be a “comic book geek” to watch and enjoy this movie. Yes, there’s cool little references for “comic book geeks” to get a little extra punch out of a few things (for example, “Red Wing” and the scene where Hawkeye fires Ant-Man from the arrow – which we see in the trailer). The movie has a ton of heart – it’s Captain America sticking up for his childhood friend (Winter Soldier). It’s the contrast of the breaking of the friendship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. It’s got tender moments between Captain America and Black Widow. The introduction and scenes with Black Panther are absolutely amazing. We even get to see Spider-Man in action. We even get to see a little more about how he comes to be a part of all of this. I want to find something to dislike about this movie. And there isn’t. There really isn’t. I will say, that if this is your first Marvel movie, you are going to miss the impact of some of these things. This sort of does require you to see the previous movies to really get a feel for all the characters and their relationship to one another. But wow. This movie was absolutely amazible and incredazing!
– Tawmis


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