Uncanny X-Men (Coloring Book)

2009-08-02_161354_102Here’s another time, where I did some coloring of a B&W version of a cover (though this is actually from another artist impersonating John Byrne) where I colored the Uncanny X-Men featuring Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, Juggernaut (and for once in his life, probably), Wolverine there in the background. The thing I like most about coloring the Uncanny X-Men is the wide diversity of color there is (from regular flesh tones, with Wolverine and/or Juggernaut in this case), to African American (with Storm), to blue fur (with Nightcrawler) – but most exciting to me is always doing Colossus’ metallic skin color and trying to get it to look the way it does in comics.


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