The Amazing Spider-Man

Well, what was old is new again -… again? It seems Marvel is really going after those nostalgia comics and fans! Another one shot has been announced, to celebrate Marvel’s 80th birthday – this time it’s The Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1.

So whose on the creative team? Looks like they got Erik Larsen (who did Spider-Man in the past, but really established himself with the launch of his Image book – Savage Dragon – which, if you didn’t know, is still going!), Gerry Conway, Mark Bagley (who has done a ton of Spider-Man, but I love his work in New Warriors).

From the release it states it will be written by Conway and Larsen, with art by Larsen, Bagley and more.

This will probably be, yet another, one shot I will pick up. Marvel’s been peaking inside my mind, I think…

– Tawmis

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