ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt.

ElfQuest is coming back! A new series (limited series?) by Wendy & Richard Pini returns in November, with ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt.

The story will center Skywise and his quest, after what happened to Cutter, his best friend… Wait… You don’t know what happened to Cutter? You’re going to want to check out ElfQuest: Final Quest … because… after 40 years, Wendy and Richard dared to do something I would not have thought they’d ever do.

I am looking forward to Stargazer’s Hunt – I am hoping that everyone has a little more meat on their bones (Skywise on the cover looks perfectly drawn!) – because I feel like in Final Quest, everyone was drawn very thin. Even Leetah and Nightfall, who were drawn with traditionally wider hips and more meat on their bones, were looking pretty thin! (I feel like they’d all adopted Dewshine’s frame, who was also very thin). But who am I kidding? It’s ElfQuest – and it’s Wendy Pini on the book. I’m going to enjoy it!

Be sure to swing by your local comic book shop and order ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt available in November, from Dark Horse Comics.

  • Tawmis
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