7th Annual San Diego Comic Fest

Matt Dunford was kind enough to ask me to be a part of the Toys & Animation panels, because I had appeared on the He-Man episode of The Toys That Made Us, and he knew I ran the Comic Relief Podcast. (He may or may not have known I also did Neverending Nights, which is an “animated” web-series, though using Machinima). Sure, I have a snazzy IMDB like all the “cool kids”… but…

When I got there, I was familiar with TJ Shevlin (I had seen him at the Super7 booth before – and my addiction of He-Man figures assured that Super7 was getting my money every so often!) Now what was crazy is – with me on this panel was John Semper, Jr. – who you may or may not realize was responsible for the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon (among other things).

And next to him? Buzz Dixon – who you may or may not know – had his hand in a mess of things including one of my all time favorite Saturday Morning cartoons – Thundarr the Barbarian. (I had pulled out my Thundarr the Barbarian DVD set in hopes of getting it signed; and in my infinite wisdom, had left it at home).

So to recap – there’s TJ at the opposite end of me; he’s our moderator. Next to him is Buzz, who had his hand in all of the Thundarr episodes; then next to him is John Semper, Jr., who had his hand in all of the 90’s Spider-Man cartoons – and next to him? Is me. The guy who briefly appeared in the He-Man episode of The Toys That Made Us, and ran a barely known podcast.

TJ was an awesome moderator though; despite me feeling very outclassed, TJ used me as the guy who was influenced by both of these (which I made very clear when we did our round of intros).

Chris McFly was there and took some photos – which I got his permission to repost. While you’re here – check out his website, his photography Facebook business page, and his Instagram account.

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