It’s been a year!

Or… Is this podcast dead?

Good news – well, depending on how you view it – the podcast is not dead. It’s officially been one year since we released an episode, when we last talked about Avengers: Infinity Wars. (Edit: It was actually March 18th, when we talked about Black Panther).

Is it because there’s been nothing else to talk about since Infinity War? Certainly not the case. Plenty of great movies have come out, some comics, Netflix and Hulu shows. So why no Podcast then?

Our excuse is that we were victims of The Snappening.

Our real excuse is that life simply gets in the way sometimes. While the whole point of the website is indeed the podcast; I’ve continued to use the site to post a number of things that are comic book related. Also the Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram, I am still pretty actively using. I’ve also continued to do various Comic Con related posts on the page, if not podcasting about it.

I may, from time to time, drag my wife (Amiee) to do the podcast with me, because it’s easier to schedule time with her (since she sits five feet away from me at home! #ThereIsNoEscape). She’ll probably just want to talk about Dazzler or something, but I’ll see if I can get her to talk about something else, just to possibly knock out a few episodes here and there, in between episodes with Maico.

There’s definitely a few things I’d like to talk about (that will probably be old news by the time we knock out a podcast) – I’ve been powering through the Netflix shows (Daredevil Season 3, currently; but finished Jessica Jones Season 2, and Iron Fist Season 2, and Defenders; still need to watch Luke Cage Season 2 after Daredevil), and I watched Into the Spider-Verse because Maico was chomping at the bit to talk about it, so I am sure he’d probably be eager to do a podcast about that.

All that to say, yes, we may be “celebrating” that it’s been a year since we released a podcast, but no, the podcast isn’t dead.

Much love,
– Tawmis

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