Ka-Zar Coloring

Did a coloring of Ka-Zar #29, I believe this was the first issue of Ka-Zar I had picked up way back in the day, solely because Belasco was featured on the cover, who I had known from Uncanny X-Men #160 (still one of my favorite issues!).

Here is the actual cover (you can click on all the images for a larger size).

This is the image I initially worked with:

After using the Find/Replace color tool, I turned all of the yellow tone to white. And began coloring it:

Using layers, I was able to keep the borders pretty easily, then merge the layer to then recolor the ink strokes:

I will typically color the main focus of the image, then grab the smaller background things to color:

Once I complete the coloring, I use tools to enhance the colors further, darken them if needed, and sharpen them for this:

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