Marvel Comics Presents and The Invaders…

… will be returning to Marvel Comics.

When I first heard that they were going to be releasing Marvel Comics Presents, I thought, “Great! We might get some stories of characters who aren’t in a series regularly! Spotlight some obscure characters!”

However, it looks like the first story will star Wolverine back in 1940… another one will feature Captain America fighting in World War II… and another one will feature Namor and the impact of the Atom Bomb.

I guess Namor is not an obscure character, but he’s one that’s not appearing in his own book and a team book, and multiple other books – but he did recently get a very big push in the X-Men books. Here’s hoping if this continues, that they will feature a big character in a story (to draw the sale) and lesser known characters as a back up story.

The Invaders, get this – will feature Namor as the villain. The Invaders, formed as Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Jim Hammond going up against Namor who has decided to be a threat to society again.

(So much for Namor not appearing in multiple books…)

They also announced a Marvel Legends Night Thrasher figure that’s coming out.

– Tawmis


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