Uncanny X-Men / Alpha Flight (Coloring Book)

Uxm121coloredMy very first issue of Uncanny X-Men was Uncanny X-Men #121 given to me by my friend, Charles Stevens – and that comic forever changed my life (along with Avengers #159, also given to me by my friend Charles). Uncanny X-Men #121 remains one of my all time favorite stories in Uncanny X-Men as the team meets and fights – for the very first time – Alpha Flight, Canada’s version of the X-Men (having been created to match the X-Men). I was immediately drawn into Alpha Flight as a team, because of their unique look; everything from the dramatic maple leaf costume of Vindicator; to the speed twins, Northstar and Aurora (who had an “Elfish” look to them); to Shaman (always loved Native American character; which, back in my youth, I thought he was), Sasquatch who was a hulking beast – literally; and then the one I fell in love with, Snowbird. I loved her look, but also her ability to assume forms of different northern animals! I was stoked to see a B&W version of this very page from Uncanny X-Men #121 posted – I’d love a poster of this splash page (without dialogue)!

I really enjoyed coloring this one because of all the dynamic and dramatic colors!


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