Is there plans for NOVA to be in a future MCU movie?

People who have enjoyed Marvel’s “Space Adventures” from the last few years ago, have been wondering when Nova was going to be in one of these MCU movies. The Nova identity has been held by two people – Richard Rider, who was the first Nova. And later, Sam Alexander. Richard Rider, as Nova, earned a lot of attention during Nova (Volume Four) which tied to the Annihilation event. Nova (Volume Five) continued Nova’s push, and included Annihilation Conquest, The Initiative, among other events.

Nova (Volume Six) saw the introduction of Sam Alexander assuming the role of Nova, with Richard Rider having apparently died “in the Cancerverse” sacrificing himself. Sam was not accepted by a wide variety of people because they saw him as the replacement for Richard Rider. A younger, more relate-able person for younger comic book readers. I wrote a piece about how Sam Alexander, as a character definitely deserves a chance to be recognized as a great character, despite my desire for Richard Rider’s return back then.

Nova (Volume Eight) brought the return of Richard Rider and had him briefly working with Sam Alexander, as he dealt with the results of surviving the Cancerverse. Tragically, the series was cut short.

Learn all about Nova below:

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