MyComicShop Affliate!

So I reached out again to the folks at MyComicShop, because I really do enjoy their site – and wanted this affiliate program to work. One of their representatives, Conan (how cool of a name is that, right?), got back to me and explained how it works. So the MyComicShop affiliate link is back over on the menu! So if you’re missing issues, I recommend using MyComicShop from our site – anything you purchase, helps fund us! (I want to extend a special thanks to Conan for explaining this to me – I somehow missed where the site showed our funds earned! – and speaking of funds earned, I also want to thank Colleen of Wyng’d Lyon Creations, for purchasing comics from our Affiliate Link and helping us out!) I also want to thank Jane N., who donated a very generous amount to our paypal link and helped also fund the site. We’re fortunate to have some amazing friends to help us out!

– Tawmis & Maico
Comic Relief Podcast

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