Special thanks to ElfQuest.com for making Episode #3 Special!

As you undoubtedly know (because you can’t wait to listen to our podcasts!), we discussed Indie comics in Issue #3 of our podcast. One of the titles mentioned was ElfQuest, both how it impacted me in my youth, how I met one of my dearest friends, and how the amazingly talented Wendy Pini is drawing “ElfQuest: Final Quest” – what seems to be the final chapter to the ElfQuest Universe.

Our podcasts are completely unscripted – so there’s always a large chunk of editing to do. Still, with that said, we managed to talk about ElfQuest for 7 to 10 minutes – even with edits. The folks at ElfQuest did us an amazing honor by taking that segment of our podcast and making it available to listen to – ON THEIR SITE! (And it even links back to our own site!) This is an amazing honor!

You can go here to give it a listen!

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