The Beginning Approaches…

If all goes according to plan (and how often does that happen?), we should be meeting up to record the first episode of “The Comic Relief Podcast” this weekend. (During that time, we should have more of the website done and a few little extra things added here and there!) The first episode will center around what we like in comics, movies, etc – so you can get a good feel for the type of personalities you’re welcoming into your ears as you listen to us ramble.

We hope that you share this with others who might enjoy a podcast about comics book related things; or hey, if you want to torture someone you dislike, send them this way so that we can assault their ears as well. We’re not picky. Really, we’re not.

Kidding aside, lots of fun stuff planned to talk about in the upcoming episodes. I hope you will join us!

– Tawmis & Maico.

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